Monday, 25 May 2009

Arty Farty

I wasn’t feeling too hot this morning, partly self inflicted (BBQ yesterday. With wine. And beer) plus I’ve done something sinister to my neck and shoulder region – in short, it hurts. A lot.

I thought I’d extend my TV trick to the living room, so I gave Celeste her summer breakfast of Sunny Bisks and raisins, which she is eating again right now but this time it’s called “supper”. Winter breakfast? Porridge, mashed banana and raisins. So, I fed her and put CBeebies on in the other room so that I could go back to bed for a while, though I’m never far away because we live in a flat – just the one floor, you understand.

I congratulated myself on how well behaved My Girl was being and she was. Really. She drew lots of pictures on her legs in blue PEN, broke one of my dvds (was it a case of ‘I’ll learn you to neglect ME, Mummy; I’m not being fobbed off with Timmy Time, you know. I draw the line at 9 am?”) and ate far too many raisins, which I’d accidentally left out, than is advisable for a two-year old. But no sign of the toms yet so, phew!

Then, after lunch (no, not Sunny Bisks – not even close), I thought she deserved some fresh air so we went all the way outside to the patio area with PINK, blue and yellow paint and a good measure of Homebase underliner paper, stones on each corner to weigh it down and stop the walls being splattered in fly-away paint on paper. I left her to it, while I popped inside to make a cup of tea and, er, twitter: again, it’s fine - I can see her through the window from my computer. I tweeted and then glanced out to see her painting her legs a sort of mustard colour, dirty yellow, like. Go for it! I figured she was just colouring in the drawings she’d created earlier today, which has been a very, very long day.


‘Toms’: short for ‘tom tit’, from Rhyming Slang. Yes?
‘Sunny Bisks’: a value version of the Weetabix cereal.
‘CBeebies’: The BBC TV channel for kids, a life-line for any parent.
‘Timmy time’: Aardman Animation for the little people – only the best for My Girl.


  1. :o) Don't you love it? Did you get pictures of all her masterpieces? :o)

  2. Lol i love your style of writing.

  3. NO, no photos, must sort that out.
    And thanks Rachel x

  4. She had to complete her artwork :P