Thursday, 28 May 2009


I'm on the front room floor in the Child's Pose, trying to alleviate the tension in my shoulder/neck region that has been plaguing me for a few days now. A force of will, a deep breath and I come out of it:

"Is that better, Mummy?"

"Erm, No. I'm not sure, Celeste."

"Never mind. Come lie on the sofa. Watch the telly. Have a sleep."

"No, that's OK. But thank you." I put the kettle on, Celeste's legs are dangling off the breakfast stall, she's eating her Sunny Bisks.

"Are you happy, Mummy?"

"Yes. I am happy because you're here."

She grins and opens her little arms wide, "Come here and give me a cuddle."

I do - and I sneak a kiss in while I'm at it :)


  1. So right, but you better watch the lies about " chocolate ", I told the same ones to my little girl,then when I was helping her move out after she got married, I found candy wrappers,that were YEARS old, in between her mattress & boxspring ! she is trying it on her kiddies !
    It's a viscious cycle .