Sunday, 31 May 2009

A Fine Set of Railings

Oh My, how guilty did I just feel?

Do you remember my list of litte white lies that I tell Celeste?

She was eating her Sunny Bisks and raisins just now and I was sitting next to her, eyes half open, dunking a ginger nut into my tea, when:

"Argh, Mummy, there's sommink in my mouth."

"What is it? A bit of Weetabix?"

"No, it's sharp," she's looking really worried, but not crying, trying to get the offending object out of her mouth while not wasting any of the food she hasn't managed to swallow yet. "I fink it's my tooth. My tooth come out." Starting to panic.

Oops, one of my little white lies went: "If you don't brush your teeth, the dentist man will come and take them all away and then you won't be able to eat anything." Maybe I went too far with this one, how was I to know it would scar her? I was only trying to save her from a lifetime tooth decay.

I manage to convince her that her teeth are not falling out and we finally dig out the perpetrator; a wheat kernal.

"There it's not a tooth, it's just a bit of breakfast that's hard."

"OK," she shrugs, shovelling in another spoonful. "The Little Princess' tooth fall out." An animated kids show for which Julian Clary voices narrator (I'm a little bit in love with JC at the moment: I'm reading his autobiography. He's a funny man.) "And Peppa Pig's tooth fall out." It's true, one of her PP books dedicates its storyline to The Tooth Fairy, who swaps Peppa's milk tooth for some coinage.

See? No reason to feel guilty at all. I am a Super Mum!