Saturday, 23 May 2009

Wey-hey: I'm Child Free

For 24 hours anyway. My Girl has gone to Nanny and Grandad's for the night, freeing me up to do all those exciting things that really aren't possible when you've got a 2-nearly-3 year old child expecting you to fed it, play with it, stick it in front of the the telly.

Child-freedom for a whole day! Lovely. What's that you say? Tell you about all the exhilarating things I've done without my constraint? OK ...

Well, after dropping my darling Celeste off, I tidied up a bit while the computer warmed up (I really need a new one now! It's getting silly) and then I lost myself in the Ether for a couple of hours: twittering, emailing, browsing, blogging. After my shout in the virtual wilderness, I polished off the fish dhansak that I made last night (not hot enough by a least two fresh chillies) and watched the best thing to come out of the BBC for years: Pulling. Absolute Genius.

Then, joy of joys, I went to bed. For an afternoon nap! Now THAT's what I miss the most. THAT's what having children (or a job, s'pose) takes away from you: the ability to sleep whenever you want to, just because you want to. (Ah, think of the early years when she was a wee baby, the one who slept for an hour or two after lunch every day - BLISS.) And what about laying in, where did all that go? My biorhythmic clock insists that I don't get out of bed until anywhere between 9 and 10 in the morning and, mostly, I've got away with doing work (or study, ha) that obeys this rule. Celeste, however, demands that I wake up at around 6:30. Whatthefuck?

Life as a parent is sooooo tiring, it makes me want to cry. In fact, excuse me while I have a little sniffle for all those hours of lost sleep, all those zzz's that I could have clocked up, all that time wasted on nurturing another human being, when I could have been looking after ME!

Thanks, that's better. One trick that Celeste is really starting to fall for is the one where I get her a biscuit and milk when she says she's hungry shortly after the dawn chorus, prop a pillow behind her and put on the Tweenies or Teletubbies(both veryfuckingannoying programmes: I particularly want to punch Fizz and Bella, very hard), while I doze off for another however long I can get away with. The latest I've managed is about 9:30 am, around which time the pangs of hunger start for both of us.

Every little helps.

Right, enough of this idle chat, I've still got the night off and need to get stuff done, have fun! So, I'll leave you now for "Britain's Got Talent!"

Whatever happened to my life? Sob ...

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