Tuesday, 9 June 2009

After Hours

Once a week, one of the children from Celeste's pre-school takes home the school mascot, a fluffy little cuddly toy called Funny Bunny, who comes complete with toothbrush, water bottle, hairbrush, a Brer Rabbit story book and a disposable camera. The idea is that each little lovely gets to learn about nurturing, presumably without all the shit and hair that a real-life rabbit or guinea pig brings (I still dread the day when we have to have a pet: maybe I could move into a studio-flat just to avoid this and tell My Girl that we don't have the room for an animal of any size? Or could I fob her off with a goldfish until I kick her out the house at 18?). The Toddler-in-Charge is reponsible for caring for Funny Bunny and we parents take snaps to document their time together. Sweet, huh?

Yesterday was Celeste's turn.

And she did admirably. She put him to bed in the afternoon (though she didn't go, never goes, with him!), she gave him some carrots for lunch and then ate them all up when the grown-ups weren't looking (a trick worth remembering, that one), she brushed his teeth, read him a story and danced around the front room with him to the "In the Night Garden." All of this is recorded on the disposable camera - we've got proof. At nightime, she took him to bed for a cuddle.

Last night was my turn.

I sneaked Funny Bunny out from between my daughter's warm and loving arms and, with the complicity of some of my twitter friends, I started my own "Funny Bunny After Hours" photo album. I took 3 photos and posted them on twitpic - Funny Bunny with a carrot in an uncompromising position, Funny Bunny blindfolded and gagged, you get the picture - when I heard:

"Mummy, I want Funny Bunny."

"Here he is, Lestie. He just came to say goodnight to Mummy."

then I had to wait until she went to sleep so that the fun could continue for Funny Bunny and for me:

Funny Bunny watching Jessica Rabbit on-line ;-)

ASBO Funny Bunny beating up Igglepiggle with a stick

Funny Bunny snuggling up with the Barbie Twins.

Do you think I need to get out more?


  1. Funny Bunny lol is he related to the rabbit at all, judging by the pics he just might be lol

  2. Oh my heavens! Wow, what a fun way to spend an evening! Igotta steak "Teddy" out for a romp sometime soon.

  3. Tim - No, he's not related to (Rampant?) Rabbit: this little fella don't need no batteries

    Naomi - Thank you! Yes, it IS fun. I'm also thinking of emptying out the whole toy box to see who else I can find ;-)

  4. I LOVE the Igglepiggle stick! It's amazing how given a chance adults jump at the opportunity to act like kids!