Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Bouncy Castle Place

We’ve been to the fabulous ‘Baby Break’ Parent and Toddler Café at Victoria Methodist Church Hall today and because the home-cooked food is so good there, I decided that we’d have lunch out. Now, if you know Celeste and me, you will realise by now that we eat out all the time but only in the form of a picnic: we’re on a very tight budget so going to cafés for anything but tea and a PINK ice-cream or lolly just aren’t on our list of things to do (and that’s absolutely fine because Weston is jam-packed with free things to occupy us, as you are probably also aware).

But ‘Baby Break’ is different because there’s nowhere else that Craft Girl can do all that gluing and cutting-up and playing and drawing and play-doughing and dressing-up AND jumping while I just relax and do not much else at all. Oh, alright, and eat and read the Daily Mirror (supplied, horray!) and drink tea and write notes for my next book and chat to other mum-friends. Plus the food is delicious and remarkably well-priced (that means inexpensive. Cheap just doesn’t do justice to the menu).

‘Baby Break’ is indoors so it might have been an odd choice of venue to visit today, being that it’s probably one of the hottest days we’ve had in this so-far brilliant summer but Celeste has been talking about the ‘Bouncy Castle Place’ for days now so I indulged her – not that she did much bouncy castling at all; she was too preoccupied with all the other activities to pay it much attention when it was devoid of bouncers and only seemed to climb on when there was someone else to bump into (come on Grand Pier! When and if you ever open, gets some more Dodgems. Please. Pretty Please Mr Michael – did I just say that. Shit!)

Two things that stick out in my mind from today are:

Celeste opening up the play-house window every thirty seconds and shouting out “ice-cream time!” Didn’t happen – though she did have a fairy cake with glitter icing!!

Another mum asking My Girl her name, to which she replied “Foxy” (you know as in Trixie and Foxy, our alter egos?). The other mum believed her and actually thought that I’d given My Little Angel (geddit?) the name of Foxy.


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