Friday, 26 June 2009

Caked In It!

We've been making cakes!

Although I love cooking and eating my savoury one-pot meals, especially those with loads of chili peppers in, I've never been much of a baker. Not that I couldn't do it if I had all the right ingredients and kitchen paraphernalia with which to bake, I suppose - ie if I could be bothered with it all! I can't so, ordinarily, I don't bake but I do like a bit of FUN.

And a bit of MESS!

Cue one packet of Asda Chocolate Cake mixture, a little water and an egg. Well, actually two eggs because, although I was overseer, Eager Girl was executor, quite literally as far as the raw egg went: she squeezed it with gusto and both hands. You know and I know what happened next but for her it was totally unexpected - the look of complete surprise on her pretty face was priceless.

Splat! Giggle. "Oh, look, I'm all egg-ed. I take my trousers off." So she did, presumably so that she could get brown gooey stuff not just on every part of her face and her bare arms but so that her legs could be caked in pre-baked cake too. We managed to get some of the mixture into 10 small different coloured paper cake bases (it's meant to fill two whole Vic Sandwich tins). Celeste ate one of the bases AND got to lick the bowl out, at which point I was getting a bit envious.

But I got her back because I sneaked three of the scrummy finished products into my mouth, while she only had one.

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