Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Get Back in the Kitchen, Mummy!

OK, quick, I haven't got long. Celeste is in her bedroom, listening to her "35 Nursery Rhymes" (£1.99) CD from Woolworths - nostalgic sigh - with her bricks and her jigsaw snake, while Mummy 'does some work', ie this blog, with her second cup up of tea on the window sill and Radio 3 on the DAB. There's no pre-school on a Wednesday, you see, which is fine actually, as it means we don't have to go out of the house until I decide to and/or I/she/we get Cabin Fever.

Of course, we WILL go out, probably up the woods and, weather permitting, over to Sand Bay beach. With a picnic. I'm doing it in stages - already out of the way are milk, breakfast and wash. So, all that really remains is for us to both get some clothes on. Oh yes, and for me to make the sandwiches. Until then I'm on the computer....


Celeste turns into a Jealous Monster whenever I so much as touch my mouse. I think she realises that my attention is being completely diverted from her (Helloooo? That's the point!). If I'm busying myself with, say, making the dinner, My Girl will happily do some drawing. If I'm washing the dishes, she'll sit and cut up play dough to her heart's content. If I'm tidying up, she'll follow behind me untidying up. It seems that if I'm doing something that is for the joint benefit of both Her and Me, then that's fine, get on with it, Mummy, you know your place. But, try to read a book or chat to a friend or twitter your tweeties ... and Attention Seeking Girl is whingeing in the background, climbing on the armchair/office chair/desk, asking me to help her to dress up, to play, to do anything except do what it is I'm doing.

Can anyone else relate to that?

And God'sHonestTruth, here she is now. Right on cue.

"Mummy, I want my fairy dress on."

I'd finished anyway, for now ....


  1. Haha, that's so funny! She's got a Twitter radar! I get a frown and groan from my other half when he realises I'm Tweeting....again! Although I'm permitted to blog as much as I like!

  2. Not that I'm comparing Celeste to an animal, but my cat does exactly the same. She is sooooo jealous of the computer and will do anything to get me off, sit on the keyboard, climb on my shoulder, start knocking things off shelves... I can always lock her in another room of course, not quite an option for you Super Mum...

  3. George only gets jealous when I'm playing games - then, he wants to have a go. Pathwords is a bit of a challenge, as he's only just learning to read. I figure it's good for him to use the mouse and stuff (but not for toooo long)

  4. Aaah got me a profile now - "Anonymous" was me!

  5. Twitter radar! That's what it is! Look, even cats have one!

    I agree, Neya, Celeste uses the computer most days - as important as paper and pen, I'd say.