Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I'm No Grockel

Today’s post was inspired by a comment I’ve had from a twitter friend, a Westonian living in Paris, who says “I think you're doing more for tourism than the Tourist Board.”

Could this be true? I am always banging on about the place, always posting delightful views of different corners of this part of North Somerset on twitpics. The Weston-super-M part of Weston-super-Mum is not just a play on words; my love of Weston is real. And, there, I didn’t think I’d EVER say that!

I spent the whole of my teenage life in this town and left at 18, shipped over to the Costa del Sol with my brother by my parents, just what was needed at an age when clubs, sun and dancing seemed the most important pursuits in life. Since then, I have lived in many different places of all sizes (from a small village near Nowhereland to Central London to a very foreign country) and would have laughed out loud (when’s the last time you wrote THAT in longhand?) if anyone would have dared suggest that I could settle back in Weston-super-Nightmare. Once you’ve escaped from the place you grew up in, it’s often a one-way ticket. Even people from the Greatest City on Earth (if there is one and why am I thinking of Clarke Kent's Metropolis?) often seek refuge in other surroundings.

All I could ever see of Weston was the town centre – dodgy clubs, rubbish shops, crap beach, naff pubs and drunk people everywhere; alright for a night out at a push, but going-nowhere fast. So what changed?

I had Celeste.

My view changed.

Literally. I found a flat perched up here on the hill, overlooking Brent Knoll and Uphill, with my back against the Quarry and Weston Woods and it really is sublime. Any reader of this Blog will know that the woods are ‘our back garden’ – I’d live in Weston just to be able to go there.

But each time we, say, feel the wind at Sand Point or climb our ‘castle’ at Uphill or picnic on Brean Down or climb the rocks at Anchor Head (we did that just today, see photos below), I realise how lucky we are – all this beauty, all these things to do for FREE, all this opportunity My Girl has to adventure and exercise her growing body!

We live it. The Tourist Board don’t seem to have that luxury.


  1. I've only recently, since my friend opened her restaurant in fact, discovered this 'other side' to WSM myself! And since our return from our Greek Tragedy last month we've both opened our eyes to what's around us. For the first time (at least that I could remember) I went to Clevedon seafront on Sunday and walked along and was surprised by how pretty and serene it was! It seems North Somerset isn't that bad after all!!

  2. I feel the same about Bristol it is a great place! sooo much to see and do, many festivals and hidden gems too.