Thursday, 25 June 2009

If it Grew on Trees We'd be Up the Woods Even More Than We Already Are

Some friends with a four-year old stayed at my place recently and I was horrified to find that the boy had an Early Learning Centre pretend credit card. I know we used to have plastic shop money when we were kids, how else could we have bought those plastic tins of beans? And I know that money is being overtaken by plastic (real plastic, if you see where I'm coming from) but at least with money, it's usually your own, as in you've earned it, though admittedly not always. But a credit card is different, isn't it? You can purchase half a sweet shop with a credit card, even if you don't have funds in the bank and then pay it back later at an inflated rate. And in these times of recession....


Mummy-is-a-Billionnaire Girl and I were at the Halifax Cash Machine outside the Sovereign Centre yesterday and, as I keyed in my Pin Number (xxxx), she shouted out really loudly, "I want some money!"

Then today, we were in The Royal Hotel to celebrate my Dad's on-set of old age (Happy Birthday Dad, Happy Birthday Dandy-Dandad) and she disappeared round the corner in search of something or someone more scintillating. I followed behind to see her pull herself up on a chair to marvel at the bright, flickering lights of the Fruit Machine. She looked at me poker-faced and demanded some money. Of course, not being a gambler, I refused but ... Bloody Hell!

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