Saturday, 20 June 2009

Let the Music Play ...?

2009 is turning into the first year since about the age of 15 that I haven't been to a live concert - yeah, I know it's still only June. But I'm not even taking part in this year's Festival Season, not heard of since 19??, apart from the year I was pregnant (July baby) but even then I managed to psuedo-samba to Tropicalia at the RFH and jump up and down to The Research at The Social in Nottingham - that one was funny; 6 weeks to go till dropping time and I'm the first (and only) person on the dance floor, post-live band, shifting, shaping, bouncing to fuck knows what - pure music adrenelin and maybe a few misplaced hormones.

So why now? What's happened?

1. Money - skintola. But that's never been anywhere near a good enough reason before so why use it now?

2. Can't be doing with The Bloody Crush. And the Mosh Pit?!? Shiver. That means I'm becoming a Grumpy Old Woman! (I'll go if it's somewhere like the O2 Arena, where you can see the whole stage AND sit down!)

3. Lack of gig buddies here in the South West (any local readers can take that as an invitation to ask me sometime).

4. Lost touch with newer bands, much to do with being utterly fed up with 6Music, which I had been glued to since its launch and, yes, I still blame You, George Cock Lamb. Radio 3 is more me these days. Saying that, I'm presently listening to R2 and Dale's Pick of the Pops. It's 1980 and the music is FAB.

OMG Funky Town by Lips Inc is playing. Right Now. Gotta dance!

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  1. You cannot beat the 80's for music, absolutely love it! unlike some of the rubbish they sing now a days, if you can call it singing or indeed music some of it!