Thursday, 18 June 2009

Life in the Old Mum Yet?

Mum and Dad had My Girl yesterday and so I spent much of it in bed. Asleep. It was, as they say round yer, Lush! I hadn't meant to crash out but I put a Hugh Grant film on (the Welsh one) and that sent me off from about 20 minutes in until the end, when I got up, switched the telly off and practically sleepwalked into my bedroom and under the covers until 5pm. Let me say it again - Lush.

And just as bloody well because my brother was visiting from Rutland. Last night, after a curry and a couple of beers we went out into Weston town centre for a few more. {Speaking of curries, I ate three in 24 hours, does that make me an Official Curry Head?}

We ended up in The London, where we were treated to an Open Mike night: the one constant was singer/songwriter Ryan Inglis, who is excellent, it must be said (link below). When one completely unlikely looking lad got up with Ryan for a few numbers and started belting out a Crowded House number, we thought of two things:

1. It was like watching Susan Boyle all over again. HE, that boy there, has got THAT voice?

2. Tim Finn singing Six Months in a Leaky Boat with 'The Wiggles' (John also has a 3 year old and so, almost daily, we rock out at a 'Wiggly Party', mostly because it's the only way to conteract the potential trauma of watching and listening to four fully grown Australian men in different coloured tops prancing around like the Tweenies for the benefit of their pre-school audience. We have to wholly embrace them. Otherwise we'd go MAD).

And then a woman sang The Spy Who Loved Me, easily my favourite Bond theme, so that (and the Newquay Brown) made me smile. Lots.

We progressed to Cheers, the last pub to close, of course, and a place that brings back tsunamis of memories for both of us. But eventually even they had to call Last Orders and we managed to carry on the party at my place with mugs of tea, roll-ups and my Mp3 Player.

But why, oh why, did we go to bed when the birds were already up for the day?


  1. If you liked Ryan then I think you will like Mark Venus link to his fb

  2. Did you sleep with Hugh Grant? :P

    By the way, photos in your blog are beautiful :)

  3. Thanks for the link Tim

    Ha, no Gabriela I didn't - I know how much you like him and I wouldn't do that to a friend ;-)