Monday, 22 June 2009

Nuts! I Forgot my Camera

We had an old-fashioned day at the seaside yesterday. Not a bucket ‘n’ spade seaside day or even an ice-cream seaside day but we did go to the Beach Lawns, freeze our tits off and eat chips. That counts, doesn’t it?

It was Fathers’ Day so Celeste and I met my Dad in Waterstones by the real-live Fish and the games in the Children's Section (an excellent way of getting kids interested in reading, don’t you think?). No books were destroyed during our visit, for once, and we then went to the seafront via the duck pond outside the Winter Gardens (I once took Celeste to the zoo, discontented sigh, paid 14 quid to get in and all she wanted to do was look at the smelly old ducks that she can feed for free at the pond/lake type water place down by Sommerfield in Worle).

As we made our way along the building site of a promenade, looked past the Grand Pier stilts with no Pier on top and took in the view of Steepholme (no Wales yesterday afternoon; poor visibility), I wished that I hadn’t put a skirt on. The wind was UP, the sky was not blue and I was getting a little chilly. BUT the Weston in Bloom Community Show on the Beach Lawns was calling out to us and all three generations obeyed. Here’s a bit of what we experienced:

A Caribbean Food Stall – a sight which is extremely rare round yer. Memories of New Cross at 2am flashed in front of my eyes and “I Must Have a Pattie” became Mantra-like in my mind. So I ordered a Pattie, the anticipation growing while I waited for it. And it grew. And it grew. The woman serving obviously thought that a laissez-faire attitude would add to the authenticity of Caribbeanness and she made me wait for ages as she shimmied or something to Reggae all on her own. And NO, she wasn’t from Jamaica or anywhere near – sometimes you can just tell, know what I mean? While my Pattie was being ‘prepared’ we watched three dads being ridiculed by the ‘magic man’, who’d pulled them up, dressed them as Clowns and made them do really silly things while the children howled with laughter at them. They danced (Pattie not ready), they did impressions (Pattie still not ready) and they tried to inflate thin, barely inflatable balloons that animals are made out of (Pattie ready!). It was soggy and obviously microwaved – OK, that’s fine, it was only £1 and still tasty – but why did I have to wait so long?? I gave Celeste some: this was English Seaside Girl’s first Pattie and she loved it!

Half of (Tribute) ABBA – the female half, of course, was up on the Star FM Music Stage. Out of sync and out of tune, they seemed unsure of what they were doing. That’s not to say they weren’t FUN: they were, in a Phoenix Nights, take the piss sort of a way. Not-yet-Acquired-Much-Style Girl loved them!

Face Painting – Celeste’s oh-so-pretty face was transformed into a fairy, apparently. It was massively rubbish. She loved it!

Aren’t children easy to please?

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  1. Aren't children easy to please?

    Not always, when it is you trying to please them.