Saturday, 27 June 2009

OK, So I'm a Novice When it Comes to Children's Parties but ...

We went to our neighbours' belated housewarming party last night. These are the neighbours with six kids; the ones we sometimes borrow a playmate from. Well, they can spare the odd little girl to keep Celeste company every now and then, don't you think? Yes, that's right, 6 ... Six ... children - I can't even begin to imagine bringing up such a brood and, conversely, their Mum, A. couldn't contemplate life with only one child. They're a really lovely bunch (in case they're reading, but actually true).

The kids patiently waited around to eat the 'spread', which was laid out on the kitchen table, until A.'s sisters turned up with their families, bringing another six children between them. Are you counting here? That's 13 little ones, enough for a football team and a couple of subs. Or for a reenactment of the Last Supper. Baker Girl had taken round the Asda-mix chocolate cakes that we'd made earlier in the day, so that just about placated the rumbly tummies and dribbling mouths until the others arrived.

And when they did ....


Feeding frenzy. Pig-out Girl had already had her dinner and ordinarily would have gone to bed with nothing else to eat but I witnessed her shove two mini scotch eggs, a sausage roll and a small slice of pizza into her great big mouth in very quick succession, as though it were one of those spaghetti eating competitions minus the spaghetti but with yellow food instead. I had to give her a cup of water, imagining her mouth to be a vessel of sawdust-like dryness. This was followed by more cake and some biscuits. In an attempt to prevent Spewy-Time, I did step in to curb the volume of junk she was consuming but that's more difficult to do when it's a free for all: at home with one, everything is easier to manage. Oh, have a glass of punch and relax, WsM, it's a party!!

Then everyone ran into the lounge to play Musical Statues, set to thumping R&B on some Sky channel or other and an at least 42" TV screen. After all that food? Gosh. The rules?:jump yourself silly and then the first one to stand still when Shakira stops wailing gets a yummy, sickly sweet. I saw Celeste go to the jar at least 4 times. And when all the sweets were gone, what do you think happened?:

"Right you lot, bedtime."

"No way!" I thought,. "They'll NEVER sleep now, not after all that sugar!"

Celeste was given a farewell packet of Haribo, which she fixed her eyes upon longingly. I promised that she could have them in the morning.

And so, this morning (actually, she went to sleep very quickly; must've been all that shimmying?), Elephant-Memory Girl asked for her sweets. Agghh!! After breakfast she was indulged and I left her to it.

I'm watching the Corrie Omnibus and I hear a screech of delighted laughter coming from Celeste, who is standing on the toy chest and pointing to a red frog climbing up our white wall:
"Look, Mummy, they stick to the wall."

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