Tuesday, 23 June 2009

One Little Word

Funny Bunnies Pre-school is bang next to Grove Park: the top of Grove Park, where the swings are. Where Celeste's red swing is, to be precise. Lately, some sort of routine has been agreed upon, whereby I enter Funny Bunnies, Celeste jumps up from the place where all the children sit at the end of the session to sing (a kind of fun assembly point) and runs full-pelt into my arms. So Sweet. This should never end! But if she trips over along the way, which she sometimes does, she stamps her feet and lets out a little scream, which serves as a self-scolding. Then she has to return to the spot she was on, sit down so that she can stand up once more and run as fast as she can towards me, all over again: this is when I finally get to give her a big, big cuddle. Get-It-Right Girl does this for practically everything, even if that means repeating the action over and again until it is completed 'correctly', whether we're at the woods, in the pool, or when she's jumping, and recently bellyflopping (!), off the kitchen worktop onto the sofa. I think this desire to get everything just so is called determination, though I'm trying not to put labels on my beautiful little girl (But I am thinking 'anally retentive', 'particular', 'perfectionist'. I'll stick to 'determined').

Anyway, this routine is forming - Out of Funny Bunnies and into the 'little park', always with L1, to have a swing and a slide before we head home for lunch (btw the 'big park' is a title she's bestowed upon Ashcombe Park, the one with the huge climbing frame). Oh, you remember L1 don't you? Her fella? Well, he's still on the scene, in fact the two of them are sitting behind me right now, eating apples and watching Oh-So-Annoying Dora. This is my idea of rent-a-child, an agreement that works for everyone: while the kids are having fun and entertaining each other, his Mum is getting a break and so am I, really. Well, enough to stay in cyber-contact with you.

The trouble is that I'm resorting to bribery to get My Girl away from the 'little park'. Yesterday I told her that she had a surprise at home, which she did; a new Peppa Pig (or 'Purple Pig' as she's known in our house) swimming costume that she's been wearing as often as she can get away with and that then prompted me to fill her PINK paddling pool with water to enable her to have a splash and to wash my mobile phone for me (yes, it's still out of order today). And just now, after the park, I inherited L1 for a couple of hours, which, as I said, suits all of us.

What happened to plain old "NO"? I'll try it next time - no bribes, no concessions, just "we're going home now".

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