Saturday, 6 June 2009

Two Day Siesta

Hi Everyone! I’m Back!

What? You hadn’t noticed that I’d even been anywhere? I was last seen floating in the Blogosphere just a short 48 hours ago? But I could have sworn …. Didn’t I just….? Let me check …. My God! It's true. But, really, it seems to me than I’ve been off on my own little mini-festival, to another realm outside of this life. And I suppose I have, really ….

{Screen wobbles á la Scooby Doo. And I’m not even going to pretend anymore; I’m Not Daphne}
It’s Friday afternoon and we’re at home, eating the rice crispie cakes that we’ve just made, chocolate everywhere and especially around Sweet Girl’s pretty face. I take a swig of tea and phone my dad to say, “Hi.” He’s fine, we’re fine. Celeste asks to speak to her Dandy-Dandad.

“Hello Dandad. I eating cake. Can I come to your house?” She hands the phone back to me.

“Yes,” he says. “Of course. Bring her round.”

“Really, I didn’t tell her to say that,” I insist.

A face-wipe and an hour later finds me walking down the road, completely Celesteless, arms swinging, Free. What to do? If I go home, I’ll just end up twittering. So I decide to hook a right and head down to see Sexy Older man, to a place where there’s no computer, no kids, not even a digibox.

He makes me a cup of a tea. We have a chat. It’s always great to see him. And then, apart from Sexy Older Man darting out to grab a curry, we don’t leave that wonderful space until I think I might go home at Midnight on Saturday. Forgive me for not sharing any more of my lost weekend with you but I don't tell you everything, you know.

And here I am on Sunday morning: My Girl is still at my parents’ house (it was arranged that she spend last night there too: I didn’t just dump her, honest) and I feel totally refreshed and ready to immerse myself in fabulous motherhood once more. Our flat is still pretty much as we left it on Friday – the floor scattered with toys, PINK glitter glue stuck to the kitchen table, cooking chocolate fused to the mixing bowl ….

Ah, It’s good to be home…

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing weekend!