Saturday, 13 June 2009


It was a very pleasant afternoon. A couple of people threw up: one of the mummies from a self-inflicted 'illness' (she had to leave early for a lie-down) and My Girl. After complaining of tummy ache, I took her to the loo and either she has marvellous self-restraint for one so young or else it was the smell of the compost toilet that made her chuck instantly on nose contact. But she seemed to recover remarkably well and so we stayed. Actually, I wouldn't mind betting that her five-minute sickness was caused by a mixture of apples, apple juice, cheesy balls and the excitement at seeing L1 and L2 in the same place.

But they had fun, doing those things that kids do and leaving us adults to have a good sit down and a chat. I think that each of the three boys and one girl had one cry each, either from tiredness or nettle burn but nothing to do with jealousy or abandonment (see yesterday's blog). My dad turned up for a nosey and a hug with his grand-daughter and tomorrow a couple of dads will join us, so lots more running around and gossiping where that came from.
Celeste with L2, L1 and J

Nathan the Blacksmith's @ The Old Town Quarry

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  1. Seems we have both had great afternoons out today even if yours appears to have been a little eventful lol