Thursday, 30 July 2009

Teddy Bears' Mud Bath

We had fun up Weston Woods today - it was a very mucky affair:

To see some more photos of our adventure, check out Weston-super-Mum's Facebook Fan Page and click on 'Events':

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wednesday was Rained Off

We didn't venture out of the house today. Not once. We haven't seen another living being.

I'm not adverse to a bit of rain but today in Weston-super-Mare (and many other places across this green land, I suspect), there has been no let-up and this morning a mini-tornado passed over the Bristol Channel. Oh, good, let's stay all cosy and dry indoors then.

We finally climbed out of our jim-jams around midday although I now think we should have left them on. TV girl watched some CBeebies, I did some social networking, we played dance music on my new-to-me sound system (fabulous sound, massive speakers) and danced, we lounged about in my bed with books and the telly, she did some gluing, cutting and sticking, I cooked dinner: we've eaten our way through Wednesday.

Every evening after story time - she's totally hooked on The Gruffalo and we've read nothing else since I bought it last week - we play back the day.

"What did you do today?" I asked.

"I go to pre-school."

"Nooooo, it's the holidays."

"I go to the park?" Try again.

"I go to the woods?"


A smile crosses her pretty face: a revelation.

"I have spaghetti bolognese."

"Yes, you did."

And that's about it. 'It was very tasty, Mummy,' she forgot to say.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Where Do All the Jibbitz Go?

It was time to pass the red Crocs onto someone else - they're still pretty much in one piece after a whole year's wear (!) but definitely too small for My Girl's feet.

I refused point blank to renew them with a PINK pair - too many shades of that colour, they just don't go with everything. Red shoes are the safest but, well, not again.

We found a purple (grape) pair, big enough to last a good few months, though the rate these little people grow it could well be less.

A sunflower Jibbitz (you know; that decorative little thingymabob that squeezes into the holes and personalises these fabulous shoes) has adorned the red for all the time they've been on those precious little feet. A happy, yellow sunflower. All we had to do is transfer it to the brand new purple Crocs. But, when I went to perform the operation, it had broken; the petals had simply snapped off! Gone. They were there yesterday. And last week, last month, last year. Did the flower-that-turns-its-head know instinctively that it was about to be uprooted?

Rubbish you say!

OK then, so explain this:

When, last year, I
replaced Comfy-Shoed Girl's first ever pair of Crocs (light blue) with the red ones, I decided that I would take the tortoise Jibbitz off them to switch over to her new pair. But the tortoise had disappeared. GONE! It was there the day before. And the week before, month before, year before!!

Curiouser and curiouser.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Lestie Leibovitz?

Yesterday, my beautiful and talented daughter took this photo of her Mummy:

OK, so it was a bit of a fluke; she also took plenty of my feet, knees, hair and boobs and a few of the Woods' floor. But all the same, I told her that she was fabulous and clever and that I loved it and it was brilliant and so was she. I said these things partly because I think photography is a great hobby to encourage (I agree with you there, Neya) and because I sincerely believe that it's an excellent photo. An excellent photo of ME.

She's caught me au naturel, this is true, but au naturel during mid-summer, after months of days out together in the sun (and in the rain!). She decided to show an interest in the workings of my camera - now our camera - during a happy moment, when I'm surrounded by the green of our back garden, aka the Woods. She's captured my best smile - the one I usually flash for her, my little Angel: the real smile!

I love it. So much so that it's now my profile picture on both twitter and Facebook.

At the suggestion of one of my Facebook friends and a possible relative of ours over the pond in Philadelphia (thanks Dan), today we made a special journey to the 'photo shop' and printed off an 8 x 6" photograph in an instant (plus a smaller version that she could put her raspberry-stained fingers all over right there and then: one to touch and dirty up if she so wishes). Then, in Wilko's we chose a cheap wooden frame that, at home, she decorated with a mixture of PINK paint and PVA glue so that she could stick little silver sequins onto her marvellous creation.

It's now drying on the worktop but I can't wait to put her/my photo into that extremely girly frame and hang it on Camera Girl's bedroom wall, next to Igglepiggle and his friends.

After all, it's about time there was a photo of me in the house!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Points of Interest at The Old Town Quarry This Afternoon.

One bug bugging another bug

Yet more lovely mud!

Very early blackberries (still green up the woods where shaded)


A ledge that doubles up as a very dirty slide

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Where's Lestie?

Photo of the day:

Weston Woods towards New Castle, Kewstoke entrace.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Freaky Wednesday.

Imaginative Girl and I sometimes do role play, which is something I always really hated at school or at uni. But the whole game is much more fun when it's played with a cute 3 year old and without a bunch of peers and a teacher to have to perform in front of.

This afternoon she decided that my role was to be her and her role was to be me. We would swap places. Ah, interesting. Is she just looking for an excuse to be Boss? Is this just her own clever way of telling me what to do or of getting her own way? You know, like 'I think we'll have some chocolate now.'

"Hello Lestie." Her being me.

"Hello Mummy." Me being her.

"I love you Lestie."

AWWW!! What a cynic I am!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Devil Woman

I woke up at an ungodly hour this morning after a succession of dreams about some kind of macabre circus resident at the window of my bedroom - I live under the woods and quarry so I dread to think what was really there! Maybe I do prefer the thought of vampire-men on stilts and Gothic acrobats. Actually, that's pretty cool ....

So, after lying there for well over an hour, I got up at 4:25 am. Still dark outside, still raining!!! The kettle went on, the computer went on and I did some research for my new book, which very, very luckily is about social networking Lol, PMSL, :-) etcetera ...

woke up with a scream about an hour and 40 minutes later (manic clowns, I wonder?) and was perplexed to find me up and already in the front room. When she could focus, I put Milkshake on for her and she sat quietly for a while. Some time later, Bop Box came on, whereby a couple of the Milshake presenters have a bit of a boogie and a sing-song. By this time, I'd been up for 3 hours and could partake in a bit of hip-wiggling to 'The Kingston Swing - turn right around with style and ting'. It was fine the first time but then:

Box! I want Bop Box again."

I know I didn't have to do this but I rewound it and gave Voyeur Girl another Mummy Dancing Treat - the last time I danced at that hour of the morning, I'd probably been going all night!

Then, and this also without precedence, the telly went off and good old Fun Kids Radio came on. You know I love that station but do we really have to do it before 8 am? Well, listen, here's SClub7 with "Rachel doing her thing," and then Steps version of Tragedy. I'm partial to a bit of saccharine in the morning so I was up again, this time with voice. With shit voice, given, but with voice.

A little later, Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard started playing - Summer? Pah! Have you seen it out there?!!

"Mummy, it's Fireman Sam."

What where? "That's not Fireman Sam!"
"It is. It IS Fireman Sam." She puts her ear to the radio.

OK then, it is. And do you know what? I can see the resemblance:

Monday, 20 July 2009


My 30th birthday lasted for 3 days because back then I had enough energy for that many consecutive parties (it takes me 3 days to catch up on one night now) and because I had different lives in various parts of the country - I lived in Wolverhampton, folks in Weston and other family and friends in London. I kept up and had a veritable Ball!

But what excuse has Celeste got with her own 3 celebrations in as many days?:

One with Mummy, Nanny and Dandy-Dandad at Bristol Zoo on THE DAY. When I say zoo, Physical Girl was more interested in running around in an attempt to lose us and climbing on absolutely anything that could be scaled, showing little love for the monkeys or the axolotls (be impressed! Here I must reference Julio Cortazar for his excellent short story by the same name - read him if you get the opportunity!) She remembers the lion and the lioness, cruelly but necessarily separated by a wire fence, and the Gorilla, who treated us to an opening of the eyes, a turn of the head and .... a return to sleep mode.

The day after, she took a carrot cake into pre-school to share with her Funny Bunny friends. The fabulous staff made her wear 'the birthday hat', a Mad-hatteresque towering thing that she probably loved! They all sang the usual song and I'm sure she was in her element.

On Saturday, we had a small party with just 5 of her friends. Pizza, Jelly and ice-cream and more cake. Oh and Pass the Parcel and a few bottles of wine (sshh). The guests were really well-behaved (although Kid A and Mezzanine did end up being frisbeed out of the window at some point - serves me right for not updating my CD collection since the invention of the MP3) and brought with them some wonderful pressies - thanks x. And, because I do it every chance I get, I must once again praise the excellent Fun Kids Radio for keeping the music fresh for hours.

So, 3 days, 3 parties, 1 child. Am I making a rod for my own back here?

Friday, 17 July 2009


I've been feeling a bit rough lately and yesterday I just needed to go to bed. Nowhere else would do but illness isn't really allowed when you've got kids, is it? You still have to get on with it and there's only so much respite that CBeebies will offer, there's a finite amount of time that a young child will sit and entertain his or herself with glue, glitter and paper. Then it's up to us super-Mums and Dads.

So, all I can say is thank God for Grandparents!! My Dad picked up Boundless Energy Girl from pre-school at mid-day and she stayed, played and slept at Nanny and Dandy-DanDad's house until this morning, while I snoozed the day away and watched some crap on the telly.

I still feel rubbish but ....

Thanks Dad x

My latest Weston Mercury Blog about the Music and Dance Festival at Grove Park last week:

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Happy Birthday

My Girl is 3 today!!

And we're off to Bristol Zoo with Nanny and Grandad.

Mostly, she's looking forward to seeing the dinosaurs and the dragons.

Let's hope she's happy with the elephants and the penguins too!

Happy Birthday Lestie xxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I went to bed at 7:25 last night with a cup of tea and the telly on (the unthinkable happened; I had NO chocolate!). I seem to be doing this about once a week right now and usually on a Monday, when I can really relax with a double bill of Corrie and a few pages of my reading book in between. Paradisaical.

When My Girl is at pre-school (three mornings per week, two and a half hours per session), I'm always trying to get something done: write, swim, shop for food and much, much less frequently, do some housework. Today I popped to Tesco Express to buy a baguette for my bacon sandwich, so I could sit down with a milky, sugary coffee and read the newspaper that I also picked up from there. I chose The Sun (Julie Burchill is BACK), so you'd have thought I could have got past page 23, wouldn't you? Well, actually I did because I flicked about for Mystic Meg ("Clever Mercury merges with the sun so you think faster and get your life moving" !!!) but I don't even allow myself time to read this most simple of journalism.

Did I tell you that I'm in a book club with some other local mums? Well, I've only managed to finish one of the three books so far (I'm still reading the one that was discussed two weeks ago!).

So, this is just a whinge really and a chance to ask .... where does the time go?

Monday, 13 July 2009

Hotter Than July

We had a fight this morning.

Time to get dressed for pre-school. OK, we have to be there in 15 minutes but look, I've got all your clothes ready, ironed and everything. All you have to do, little girl, is put them on.

"I want black tights on."

"No, Celeste. Wear these please."

"No, I want black tights."

"It's July. You can't wear tights." Like that means anything to a 3 year old.

"No, I want black tights."

"It's too hot for tights. Put this on now please."

"Black! Tights!"

"Look, you can put the tights on when you get home. Get dressed now please or no pre-school." Over her head, rip goes the PINK top, to the bedroom on the chill-out chair goes the crying toddler.


4 minutes and a hug later, I wipe the snotty and inexplicably dirty face. We're friends again. What's more, she's soon dressed and ready to go to Funny Bunnies.

Three hours on, we're back home and guess what she's wearing...?

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Biscuit Anyone?

We've just had a painting session, whereby we mixed bright blue, yellow and PINK paint with PVA glue. Then we decorated an old Persil box, an egg tray and a long-empty chocolate box tray with this gloopy mixture, adding the odd flower and ribbon. Pretty, huh?

"Mummy, Give me some red beans?" Her.

"Please could I have some red beans, Mummy!" Me.


I pass her a small bowl of raw red lentils and some green ones for good measure. Oh, a few unsoaked, unboiled butter beans. These she places into a couple of the chocolate-shaped holes, all of which have already been painted gluey-blue.

"Now. I put them on my table and wait them to grow to biscuits."


"They grow to biscuits."


She sits patiently watching and waiting for her blue-painted lentil biscuits to start sprouting. And waiting. And watching. Ah, at least it's keeping her quiet.

"Sit on the rocking chair, Mummy. And watch."

I try to get out of this but she persists, her voice rising to a screech.

"Watch wif me, Mummy."

I sit down opposite her and we both stare at the mess, willing the Miracle.

"Come on." She shouts at the lentil mixture.

Yes! Come on: it's like watching bloody paint dry!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Mills and Boon

We just had a picnic at the Old Town Quarry, which is always a pleasure. Today they'd left hula-hoops and a skipping rope out on the grass - rather thoughtful, that. Our big treat of the day was at the cafe, in the form of a cappuccino for Mummy and a clown lolly for Lestie. Hey-hey.

We checked out Nathan the Blacksmith's place (OMG! He's like something out a historical romantic novel, sigh....). Unfortunately we couldn't see The Man Himself although we could hear him beating his wrought iron.


Lots of climbing, running and knee-grazing later, we walked home through the woods to play with the fairies. We came across the tiniest-weeniest of raspberries, which we golloped down before the birds could get at them and then we scatched our bare legs on the brambles as we tackled the overgrown paths.

And now it's
a cup of tea, chocolate (I'm addicted to Mint Aero at the mo) and CBeebies time. I'm sighing again but, this time, for completely different reasons.

Hula-Hoop Girl

Nathan the Blacksmiths' from Behind

The Witches House @ The Quarry

The 'Secret Garden' @ Weston Woods (Queen's Road Entrance)

Peek-a-Boo, I See You

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Puddle Jumping Part 2 - Weston Woods

In pictures:

Her Face

My Feet

Our Bath

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Puddle Jumping Part 1

The absolute best fun you can have for FREE?

No contest. It has to be jumping in puddles.

We've just been into town after a few rather heavy downpours. Put a pair of PINK wellies on the feet of one little girl and it's pretty much a case of, "Mind out of the way everyone, here I come!"

Running jump, two feet and SPLASH!!

The only way I could coax her home was with the promise of more puddles along the way. We finally made it!! She's in the bath now, creating more water mess, and I've given my word that if she goes to bed soon (she's "not tired". That old chestnut), when she wakes up in the morning we'll go up the woods and find some even bigger puddles.

But this time, I'll be dressed for it too :-)

And, by the way, here's my latest Weston Mercury blog post about our visit to Chris' allotment last week, when it was still sunny:

Monday, 6 July 2009

Entertain Us!

Horray! Thank you BBC!

The fabulous Chris and Pui are back on Cbeebies. OK, we still have to put up with the dull-as-dishwater Cerrie and Alex (no chemistry, 6 months on) but at least we get to watch C&P in their new programme Show Me, Show Me twice a day (10am and 1:30pm). Actually, we've got it on a bit of a loop here at the moment because when it finished at 2pm, TV Girl got really upset (it's not just me who thinks these two are The Best):

"I want Show Me, Show Me. I want Show Me, Show Me." Whinge, whinge.

So, I rewound it and she's actually sitting there smiling at the telly. Music and dancing, campery, dressing up, flowers, numbers and Teddington. Smashing!

We love Chris and Pui, we love Chris and Pui, we love Chris and ....

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Our Weekend

The Moon from our Window

Glastonbury Tor - View from Ebbor Gorge

Chris' Allotment (The Plot) - Digging for Spuds

Feeding the Chickens @ The Plot

Caught Red Mouthed - Picking Berries @ The Plot

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Shall I Tell You the End?

We've already walked through Grove Park and said 'hello' to the fish in the pond (and someone had a PINK lolly from the cafe). We've just been to Waterstones to say 'hello' to the extremely colourful fish in the tank (and someone had Smelly Peter, the Great Pea Eater read to her). We're now on our way to Tesco, where we always say 'hello' to the dead fish at the dead meat and fish counter and, passing the Odeon, I realise that today is Sunday! That means that Odeon Kids are showing U- and PG-rated films for £1 (that's £1 per child and free for adults!!).

The listings state that 3 Odeon Kids films are on this morning and that they all started between 90 and 50 minutes ago. The last one to begin was Bedtime Stories and it's still only half way through. Perfect! Yeah, let's go and see Bedtime Stories!

What? Why would you want to see a film that you'd already missed half of?

Well, because there's no way that my very, very-nearly three year old daughter could ever do a whole film! I mean, she can manage 20 minutes of Justin and Mr Tumble on CBeebies but that's about her record. At least this way, if I can stretch it out, I get to 'take the weight off' for half hour and maybe even see the end of the movie, whereas, if we go at the beginning, I'm always left wondering how it finished up. I'll fill in the bits that I've missed. It's an Adam Sandler film: how hard can it be? And it only costs a quid! That's a steal for a midday rest, don't you think?

"Ooh, it's dark. It's dark. It's very dark."

Straight to the front. I calculate that there are around 10 people scattered about the cinema. We take a chair each. 1 minute; Fidget Girl is still watching. 2 minutes; still watching. 3 minutes ... and she's off, test driving every single pull-down seat in the front row, where, incidentally, no-one else is parked. I let her get on with it, she's not bothering anyone. She gets her leg stuck, I go to pull her out. She stares at a little boy behind her, he pokes his tongue out at her. She makes her way back to where I'm sitting, she climbs onto my lap for a cuddle and we watch the action together, all snug.

She wants to go the loo. It's a false alarm.

"Where's the big film gone?" she asks.

We return to catch the end of the movie, in which a small mob are trying to prevent their fabulous school from having an evil hotel built on it. "Save our School" the mob shouts. "Say a Scold" Random Girl shouts, over and again, fist in the air, emulating the mob on screen.

They save the school, Adam Sandler gets the girl and the baddies get their just desserts.

And do you know what? It's really rather good!

Friday, 3 July 2009


Some might call me lazy: I just call myself Knackered Old Mum.

Whatever label you choose, the truth is that, instead of entertaining you with tales of the madness of child-rearing, which most of you probably share/have shared/will share (oh, I've scared some of you now - byeee), I'm posting the link to my latest Weston Mercury Blog entry. Fresh and Live:

I've had a really lovely day today though. Hope you have too

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Poxy Spots

So, she woke up yesterday morning with a few spots on her belly but, as far as I could tell, no signs of illness. Fit Girl gets a new bruise or scratch every single day from climbing and has been to the hospital twice for head injuries when she ran full-pelt into a table and then into a door but this child is never ill. 'Is it chickenpox?' was the first thing that passed through my head. I took her to the Chemist:

"Has she got any other symptoms?" he asked.

Not unless you count extreme naughtiness. And screaming for no discernable reason. And demanding chocolate. And continually blowing raspberries. Oh, and stamping her feet. "I don't think so."

"Is she hot?"

What in these freakishly high temperatures of Summer 2009? Give me someone who isn't hot! Just one person. "No."

"Has she been lifeless or very tired?"

No, she's still an absolute maniac who doesn't stop running around (sometimes in circles) from 7 am till 6:30 pm. "Nope."

"Has she eaten anything unusual?"

Lots of sweets at those two parties. A lollipop at the hairdressers. "A bit more sugar than usual but no, not really."

"I'll give her some Piriton. Keep an eye on her."

It could be an allergy? It could be chickenpox? Last night I was sure it was the latter: just a few more spots on her legs and back but now, looking at her sitting on my kitchen worktop, squirting water into her mouth from a plant sprayer, laughing and screaming (still screaming!!), I really, really don't know!


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Short and Curlies

Why is it that I can't get Energy Girl to stay still for long enough to put her socks on but she sat happily in the hairdresser's chair for 20 minutes?

And why is it that I can't get Ouch-It-Hurts Girl to let me wide-comb her wild curly hair (even with conditioner in) but Kylie the Stylist managed to de-tangle it while it was dry and with a fine-tooth comb, all without a whimper?

How come I have to chase Screamer Girl around the house with a pair of scissors just to trim her fringe, when her New Hair-Cutting Friend arranged it tidily into layers with no hassle whatsoever?

When has Chatterbox Girl ever stopped talking for more than two minutes except for yesterday in that chair, lollipop in hand, getting her curls groomed by the Lovely Kylie - when she didn't say a single bloody word?