Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I went to bed at 7:25 last night with a cup of tea and the telly on (the unthinkable happened; I had NO chocolate!). I seem to be doing this about once a week right now and usually on a Monday, when I can really relax with a double bill of Corrie and a few pages of my reading book in between. Paradisaical.

When My Girl is at pre-school (three mornings per week, two and a half hours per session), I'm always trying to get something done: write, swim, shop for food and much, much less frequently, do some housework. Today I popped to Tesco Express to buy a baguette for my bacon sandwich, so I could sit down with a milky, sugary coffee and read the newspaper that I also picked up from there. I chose The Sun (Julie Burchill is BACK), so you'd have thought I could have got past page 23, wouldn't you? Well, actually I did because I flicked about for Mystic Meg ("Clever Mercury merges with the sun so you think faster and get your life moving" !!!) but I don't even allow myself time to read this most simple of journalism.

Did I tell you that I'm in a book club with some other local mums? Well, I've only managed to finish one of the three books so far (I'm still reading the one that was discussed two weeks ago!).

So, this is just a whinge really and a chance to ask .... where does the time go?

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