Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Devil Woman

I woke up at an ungodly hour this morning after a succession of dreams about some kind of macabre circus resident at the window of my bedroom - I live under the woods and quarry so I dread to think what was really there! Maybe I do prefer the thought of vampire-men on stilts and Gothic acrobats. Actually, that's pretty cool ....

So, after lying there for well over an hour, I got up at 4:25 am. Still dark outside, still raining!!! The kettle went on, the computer went on and I did some research for my new book, which very, very luckily is about social networking Lol, PMSL, :-) etcetera ...

woke up with a scream about an hour and 40 minutes later (manic clowns, I wonder?) and was perplexed to find me up and already in the front room. When she could focus, I put Milkshake on for her and she sat quietly for a while. Some time later, Bop Box came on, whereby a couple of the Milshake presenters have a bit of a boogie and a sing-song. By this time, I'd been up for 3 hours and could partake in a bit of hip-wiggling to 'The Kingston Swing - turn right around with style and ting'. It was fine the first time but then:

Box! I want Bop Box again."

I know I didn't have to do this but I rewound it and gave Voyeur Girl another Mummy Dancing Treat - the last time I danced at that hour of the morning, I'd probably been going all night!

Then, and this also without precedence, the telly went off and good old Fun Kids Radio came on. You know I love that station but do we really have to do it before 8 am? Well, listen, here's SClub7 with "Rachel doing her thing," and then Steps version of Tragedy. I'm partial to a bit of saccharine in the morning so I was up again, this time with voice. With shit voice, given, but with voice.

A little later, Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard started playing - Summer? Pah! Have you seen it out there?!!

"Mummy, it's Fireman Sam."

What where? "That's not Fireman Sam!"
"It is. It IS Fireman Sam." She puts her ear to the radio.

OK then, it is. And do you know what? I can see the resemblance:


  1. hehe.. I can totally see a likeness! Well made me giggle! Cant wait for my son to start saying quirky things like that! :)

  2. LOL kids, never cease to amaze me in their comments, but yeah I think she is right, there is some sort of likeness

  3. I am certain that if we could look further down cliff's photo, he is in fact wearing yellow waterproof trousers and big black wellies.