Monday, 6 July 2009

Entertain Us!

Horray! Thank you BBC!

The fabulous Chris and Pui are back on Cbeebies. OK, we still have to put up with the dull-as-dishwater Cerrie and Alex (no chemistry, 6 months on) but at least we get to watch C&P in their new programme Show Me, Show Me twice a day (10am and 1:30pm). Actually, we've got it on a bit of a loop here at the moment because when it finished at 2pm, TV Girl got really upset (it's not just me who thinks these two are The Best):

"I want Show Me, Show Me. I want Show Me, Show Me." Whinge, whinge.

So, I rewound it and she's actually sitting there smiling at the telly. Music and dancing, campery, dressing up, flowers, numbers and Teddington. Smashing!

We love Chris and Pui, we love Chris and Pui, we love Chris and ....

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