Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Freaky Wednesday.

Imaginative Girl and I sometimes do role play, which is something I always really hated at school or at uni. But the whole game is much more fun when it's played with a cute 3 year old and without a bunch of peers and a teacher to have to perform in front of.

This afternoon she decided that my role was to be her and her role was to be me. We would swap places. Ah, interesting. Is she just looking for an excuse to be Boss? Is this just her own clever way of telling me what to do or of getting her own way? You know, like 'I think we'll have some chocolate now.'

"Hello Lestie." Her being me.

"Hello Mummy." Me being her.

"I love you Lestie."

AWWW!! What a cynic I am!

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