Monday, 13 July 2009

Hotter Than July

We had a fight this morning.

Time to get dressed for pre-school. OK, we have to be there in 15 minutes but look, I've got all your clothes ready, ironed and everything. All you have to do, little girl, is put them on.

"I want black tights on."

"No, Celeste. Wear these please."

"No, I want black tights."

"It's July. You can't wear tights." Like that means anything to a 3 year old.

"No, I want black tights."

"It's too hot for tights. Put this on now please."

"Black! Tights!"

"Look, you can put the tights on when you get home. Get dressed now please or no pre-school." Over her head, rip goes the PINK top, to the bedroom on the chill-out chair goes the crying toddler.


4 minutes and a hug later, I wipe the snotty and inexplicably dirty face. We're friends again. What's more, she's soon dressed and ready to go to Funny Bunnies.

Three hours on, we're back home and guess what she's wearing...?

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  1. Ha Ha I am so glad our are passed that stage, trouble is now they have more "grown up reasoning and arguing" lol