Saturday, 25 July 2009

Lestie Leibovitz?

Yesterday, my beautiful and talented daughter took this photo of her Mummy:

OK, so it was a bit of a fluke; she also took plenty of my feet, knees, hair and boobs and a few of the Woods' floor. But all the same, I told her that she was fabulous and clever and that I loved it and it was brilliant and so was she. I said these things partly because I think photography is a great hobby to encourage (I agree with you there, Neya) and because I sincerely believe that it's an excellent photo. An excellent photo of ME.

She's caught me au naturel, this is true, but au naturel during mid-summer, after months of days out together in the sun (and in the rain!). She decided to show an interest in the workings of my camera - now our camera - during a happy moment, when I'm surrounded by the green of our back garden, aka the Woods. She's captured my best smile - the one I usually flash for her, my little Angel: the real smile!

I love it. So much so that it's now my profile picture on both twitter and Facebook.

At the suggestion of one of my Facebook friends and a possible relative of ours over the pond in Philadelphia (thanks Dan), today we made a special journey to the 'photo shop' and printed off an 8 x 6" photograph in an instant (plus a smaller version that she could put her raspberry-stained fingers all over right there and then: one to touch and dirty up if she so wishes). Then, in Wilko's we chose a cheap wooden frame that, at home, she decorated with a mixture of PINK paint and PVA glue so that she could stick little silver sequins onto her marvellous creation.

It's now drying on the worktop but I can't wait to put her/my photo into that extremely girly frame and hang it on Camera Girl's bedroom wall, next to Igglepiggle and his friends.

After all, it's about time there was a photo of me in the house!


  1. A lovely story and a lovely picture. Lestie's talent seems to have no bounds. Soon we will be reading Lestie posts

  2. Great article, as usual " Supe '
    If the pic gets into any Galleries, do I get any Royalties ?

  3. A gr8 story, cheered me up on my dull, rough sunday morning.

  4. Fantastic natural photo!
    Future photographer in the making?!

  5. A talent in the making but please, never let her do one of those ghastly 'I'm a P.C.' adverts!

  6. The photo in sparkly PINK frame is up on her bedroom wall. We're both happy with it and IgglePiggle seems to be cool. C.'s taken some more photos of Minnie Mouse and 'Baby Blue' and one of Nanny and Grandad - she may have the bug?

    Racking my brain thinking of those adverts, Choco. Note, watch more telly ;-)