Friday, 10 July 2009

Mills and Boon

We just had a picnic at the Old Town Quarry, which is always a pleasure. Today they'd left hula-hoops and a skipping rope out on the grass - rather thoughtful, that. Our big treat of the day was at the cafe, in the form of a cappuccino for Mummy and a clown lolly for Lestie. Hey-hey.

We checked out Nathan the Blacksmith's place (OMG! He's like something out a historical romantic novel, sigh....). Unfortunately we couldn't see The Man Himself although we could hear him beating his wrought iron.


Lots of climbing, running and knee-grazing later, we walked home through the woods to play with the fairies. We came across the tiniest-weeniest of raspberries, which we golloped down before the birds could get at them and then we scatched our bare legs on the brambles as we tackled the overgrown paths.

And now it's
a cup of tea, chocolate (I'm addicted to Mint Aero at the mo) and CBeebies time. I'm sighing again but, this time, for completely different reasons.

Hula-Hoop Girl

Nathan the Blacksmiths' from Behind

The Witches House @ The Quarry

The 'Secret Garden' @ Weston Woods (Queen's Road Entrance)

Peek-a-Boo, I See You


  1. I'm going to have to visit the quarry now if only to catch a glimpse of the blacksmith!!

  2. I was getting worried until I read further. We couldn't see him but could hear him beating his....wrought iron! Phew!
    Haven't been to the quarry for years, must do!