Monday, 20 July 2009


My 30th birthday lasted for 3 days because back then I had enough energy for that many consecutive parties (it takes me 3 days to catch up on one night now) and because I had different lives in various parts of the country - I lived in Wolverhampton, folks in Weston and other family and friends in London. I kept up and had a veritable Ball!

But what excuse has Celeste got with her own 3 celebrations in as many days?:

One with Mummy, Nanny and Dandy-Dandad at Bristol Zoo on THE DAY. When I say zoo, Physical Girl was more interested in running around in an attempt to lose us and climbing on absolutely anything that could be scaled, showing little love for the monkeys or the axolotls (be impressed! Here I must reference Julio Cortazar for his excellent short story by the same name - read him if you get the opportunity!) She remembers the lion and the lioness, cruelly but necessarily separated by a wire fence, and the Gorilla, who treated us to an opening of the eyes, a turn of the head and .... a return to sleep mode.

The day after, she took a carrot cake into pre-school to share with her Funny Bunny friends. The fabulous staff made her wear 'the birthday hat', a Mad-hatteresque towering thing that she probably loved! They all sang the usual song and I'm sure she was in her element.

On Saturday, we had a small party with just 5 of her friends. Pizza, Jelly and ice-cream and more cake. Oh and Pass the Parcel and a few bottles of wine (sshh). The guests were really well-behaved (although Kid A and Mezzanine did end up being frisbeed out of the window at some point - serves me right for not updating my CD collection since the invention of the MP3) and brought with them some wonderful pressies - thanks x. And, because I do it every chance I get, I must once again praise the excellent Fun Kids Radio for keeping the music fresh for hours.

So, 3 days, 3 parties, 1 child. Am I making a rod for my own back here?

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  1. I want to be 3 again! Now I rarely get any party at all. Comes from being born too close to another famous birthday,23rd december!
    Glad C had plenty of fun!