Thursday, 2 July 2009

Poxy Spots

So, she woke up yesterday morning with a few spots on her belly but, as far as I could tell, no signs of illness. Fit Girl gets a new bruise or scratch every single day from climbing and has been to the hospital twice for head injuries when she ran full-pelt into a table and then into a door but this child is never ill. 'Is it chickenpox?' was the first thing that passed through my head. I took her to the Chemist:

"Has she got any other symptoms?" he asked.

Not unless you count extreme naughtiness. And screaming for no discernable reason. And demanding chocolate. And continually blowing raspberries. Oh, and stamping her feet. "I don't think so."

"Is she hot?"

What in these freakishly high temperatures of Summer 2009? Give me someone who isn't hot! Just one person. "No."

"Has she been lifeless or very tired?"

No, she's still an absolute maniac who doesn't stop running around (sometimes in circles) from 7 am till 6:30 pm. "Nope."

"Has she eaten anything unusual?"

Lots of sweets at those two parties. A lollipop at the hairdressers. "A bit more sugar than usual but no, not really."

"I'll give her some Piriton. Keep an eye on her."

It could be an allergy? It could be chickenpox? Last night I was sure it was the latter: just a few more spots on her legs and back but now, looking at her sitting on my kitchen worktop, squirting water into her mouth from a plant sprayer, laughing and screaming (still screaming!!), I really, really don't know!



  1. Could be heat rash?! My brother used to get it really bad when he was younger, and it looked like chicken pox...the piriton always helped?!
    Dr Claire signing out!

  2. Yeah, maybe? My brother said the same thing. See, she has no other symptoms at all (yet?), not even itching, so am going to see what develops or doesn't before we go to Docs - at the mo I'm not overly concerned