Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Puddle Jumping Part 1

The absolute best fun you can have for FREE?

No contest. It has to be jumping in puddles.

We've just been into town after a few rather heavy downpours. Put a pair of PINK wellies on the feet of one little girl and it's pretty much a case of, "Mind out of the way everyone, here I come!"

Running jump, two feet and SPLASH!!

The only way I could coax her home was with the promise of more puddles along the way. We finally made it!! She's in the bath now, creating more water mess, and I've given my word that if she goes to bed soon (she's "not tired". That old chestnut), when she wakes up in the morning we'll go up the woods and find some even bigger puddles.

But this time, I'll be dressed for it too :-)

And, by the way, here's my latest Weston Mercury blog post about our visit to Chris' allotment last week, when it was still sunny: http://www.thewestonmercury.co.uk/cs/blogs/weston-super-mum/archive/2009/07/07/1748821.aspx

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