Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Short and Curlies

Why is it that I can't get Energy Girl to stay still for long enough to put her socks on but she sat happily in the hairdresser's chair for 20 minutes?

And why is it that I can't get Ouch-It-Hurts Girl to let me wide-comb her wild curly hair (even with conditioner in) but Kylie the Stylist managed to de-tangle it while it was dry and with a fine-tooth comb, all without a whimper?

How come I have to chase Screamer Girl around the house with a pair of scissors just to trim her fringe, when her New Hair-Cutting Friend arranged it tidily into layers with no hassle whatsoever?

When has Chatterbox Girl ever stopped talking for more than two minutes except for yesterday in that chair, lollipop in hand, getting her curls groomed by the Lovely Kylie - when she didn't say a single bloody word?

1 comment:

  1. Just enjoy the regular trips as your personal down time. Celestial trim time means mum can sit and read a book, magazine or whatever uninterrupted for a while. (Just not The Sun!)