Monday, 27 July 2009

Where Do All the Jibbitz Go?

It was time to pass the red Crocs onto someone else - they're still pretty much in one piece after a whole year's wear (!) but definitely too small for My Girl's feet.

I refused point blank to renew them with a PINK pair - too many shades of that colour, they just don't go with everything. Red shoes are the safest but, well, not again.

We found a purple (grape) pair, big enough to last a good few months, though the rate these little people grow it could well be less.

A sunflower Jibbitz (you know; that decorative little thingymabob that squeezes into the holes and personalises these fabulous shoes) has adorned the red for all the time they've been on those precious little feet. A happy, yellow sunflower. All we had to do is transfer it to the brand new purple Crocs. But, when I went to perform the operation, it had broken; the petals had simply snapped off! Gone. They were there yesterday. And last week, last month, last year. Did the flower-that-turns-its-head know instinctively that it was about to be uprooted?

Rubbish you say!

OK then, so explain this:

When, last year, I
replaced Comfy-Shoed Girl's first ever pair of Crocs (light blue) with the red ones, I decided that I would take the tortoise Jibbitz off them to switch over to her new pair. But the tortoise had disappeared. GONE! It was there the day before. And the week before, month before, year before!!

Curiouser and curiouser.

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