Friday, 14 August 2009

9:20 am

Following on from yesterday's post, where I employed measures to get My Girl out of my bed and into hers (to much fuss and many tears), what do you think happened next?

Did she repeat the pattern last night? Did she insist on sleeping with Mummy? Did she riddle me with guilt for not caving in and letting her kick my bones in her slumber?

No. She didn't make ONE visit!!

Now, as a rule, even if she does sleep right through from 6:30pm to 6:30am, she'll then wake me for a cuddle, a PINK beaker of milk and a biscuit and an early morning viewing of CBeebies. It's part of the routine, it's how we embark on a new day.

Last night saw me early to bed with a book because I was shattered after too little sleep in my role of SuperNanny the night before. We both came to after the birds this morning and I could hear Celeste chatting away to herself in her own room. "She sounds happy enough, I'll leave her to it" I thought and dozed off again.

My eyes pinged open a little later, completely refreshed, like I'd actually had enough sleep! Enough sleep!? When does that ever happen when there's a toddler in the house? I could still hear her merry chit-chat and, being ready to get up, I actually went into her room first!

"Hi Lestie?"


"You OK?"

"Yes Mummy, I play in my room wif Hilary" (Hilary is her invisible friend). "I's a big girl. I stay in my bed all night!" She's really happy with herself and, it must be said, I'm pretty chuffed too.

I go to make a cup of tea. My God! It's nearly half past nine! What a turn around. Reckon it'll last?

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