Monday, 10 August 2009

Dawn Chorus

She wakes up at Silly O'clock and climbs into my bed.
"I want CBeeebies on."

"Go back to bed Celeste, CBeebies isn't on yet. It's still night-time."

"It's NOT night-time." There is a kind of light outside, it's true, but the dimness notifies some part of my desperately-wanting-to-get-back-to-a-semi-conscious-state brain that the Night Creatures are only just going back into hiding. I can hear no birds, no sign of life outside of this bed. "CBeebies!"

I'll have to get tough.

"It's not on yet. Go back to your own bed Celeste or go to sleep here. You choose. But be quiet and leave Mummy alone. Mummy's still asleep because it's night-time" I know it's a little unfair, she was out for the count by seven o'clock last night and we're at least 10 hours on. She tries to be still and sleepy but it's not working for her.

"Tickle me on my arms." This I do because this I can manage, while being able to remain prostrate with eyes mostly closed, still snug, just about . "And on my legs. and here and here." Sigh.

We hide from the Monsters, cheek to cheek, under the covers.

"It's OK, Mummy. It's a friendly monster. It's the birthday monster."

"But it's not my birthday," I say. I want more cuddles, I don't want to leave this space. We cuddle.

"I want CBeebies on." Putting the telly on means that she'll sit and enjoy The Tweenies (I still don't know how even a three-year old gets anything positive out of that bunch of excruciatingly annoying, squealing Fuckwits), permitting me to hide my head to doze as she goes through the CBeebies early morning schedule of BBC Signature Music-Tikkabilla-Fimbles-The Tweenies. I give in.

"OK, let's see if it's on yet."

It is and it has been for an hour (the grey day outside had convinced me that it was much earlier. Or I'd convinced myself!)

The Tweenies spew too bright colours out onto our TV screen. I turn over and close my eyes tight. Bella starts to screech a too high-too fast-too soon song. I wrap the quilt around my head, blocking out all sound.

OK, so maybe it is time to get up!

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  1. Oh how I dread the day I get waken up to put the TV on and socialize at a non-sociable hour where I would much rather be in bed!
    I'm probably not helping myself by switching on cbeebies as soon as I bring my 4mth old down the stairs..
    I've always said I wouldn't use the TV as a babysitter buts it's the only way I can manage housework and to feed myself!!