Tuesday, 18 August 2009

It Might as Well Rain Until September

I don't know how everyone else with children feels but these summer holidays are excruciatingly long. My Girl has only been going to pre-school for 3 mornings a week for the past couple of terms but what a difference it has made to both of our lives - she gets that all important interaction with her peers and I get ....

Time. Rest. Exercise. Jeremy Kyle. More opportunity to twitter and blog.

She's just turned 3 so from September she'll be enjoying five mornings a week at Funny Bunnies (gratis, thanks to our wonderful State) and I'll have time to rest or exercise or watch JK or lose myself in cyberspace!

I didn't write a post yesterday but I DID GET THROUGH THE DAY so that's something, isn't it?

Energy Girl isn't in any way a difficult child but, well, she is 3 - that's enough. And she's always there, following me around with a recorder in her mouth or spraying water at me or pulling me up to dance. She is so beautiful, such a delight, so exciting, so involved, so loving but still always there.

We go out a lot: we have to, otherwise we'd both get wound up with each other. Yesterday we had to go to the dentist's so, beforehand, I thought we'd enjoy an hour at Ashcombe Park, which is opposite our Healthy Teeth Man (dishy, young dentist said that she had 'lovely teeth', which she's been telling everyone about. Mine aren't lovely and they need a little work - BOO!). She lapped up her PINK lolly in the park and had a good go on the extremely busy swings, slide and roundabout (another thing, I much prefer these places when everyone else is at school. Selfish? Maybe).

After our check-up, we popped into a corner shop to get some bread and she completely lost it:

"I want a lolly."

"No, you had a lolly in the park."

"But I WANT a lolly."


"But I'm hungry."

"That's good. It's good that you're hungry because it's nearly dinner-time."

"I don't want dinner. I want a lolly!!!"

Tantrum Time.

We left the shop without a lolly but with loads of attitude and floods of tears and me trying to ignore the whole big strop. Like I said, I got through it and so did she but .... roll on September!


  1. lol I know this one all too well, I can say though this holiday has not been too bad for us, but then they are older, but that brings about different problems of their own during the holidays, teen strops, not sure which I prefer actually ! lol

  2. Which Dentist do you use? Mine is Mr Hinchcliffe - the dishy Dentist who persuaded me to part with lots!! Still teeth are coming along very nicely getting excited now!

  3. His name is Ziad Ali. You must post the final results Jo!!
    I suppose that at least with teenagers Tim you can talk to them reasonably (not that they'd listen though!)