Saturday, 29 August 2009

PINK Sky At Night ...

The sky was doing some really interesting things yesterday. In fact, I've been loosing track with the RainSunRainSun WarmCoolWarmCool bi-polarity of the weather all week and have been carrying an even fuller bag than usual to facilitate the sun-screen/hat AND waterproofs/extra layers.

Yesterday, the wind was high and we sat at the Cafe of the Old Town Quarry, My Girl with a cold ice-lolly and me with a hot cup of tea, watching the shadows of the clouds pass over the Limestone, making fast-changing pattterns on the surface of the rock. The gusts pushed us home: we went with it, screaming and holding hands all the way and, when we got here, we read a poem called "The Wind" and watched a RazzleDazzle rhyme on the same subject via the CBeebies Web Page.

When she was asleep the sky turned PINK! She would have been thrilled but of course I didn't wake her. We both know when to stop!

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