Monday, 31 August 2009

This Life

Last week I left a comment on Facebook about how wrong it seemed to be a) recording Coronation Street and b) experiencing sadness over the liaison between Emily and Ramsey that never reached full-flower, thanks to bitter old Norris’ refusal to accept his estranged brother. My cousin came back with an observation about how much I’d changed.

I sit guilty before you.

Life is just so, erm, different these days.

I never imagined that I’d move back to Weston-super-Mare after 20 years of living in some rather exciting (and some rather dull, it has to be said) places. I never dreamed that I’d be spending my days in sandals/walking boots and cut off shorts/jeans and anorak, traipsing up and down hills, getting soaking wet, squelching mud between my toes, telling anyone who is willing to read my ramblings – yes, that’s you – about my love of this town and of my gorgeous little girl.

Who’d have thought that I would never again scan Saturday Guardian’s ‘The Guide’ for interesting (and often expensive) things to entertain myself with and I’d stop going to the pub at least 3 times a week. Indeed, who’d have believed that I’d have almost entirely knocked alcohol on the head (that’s almost – whenever I do go there it just doesn’t work and I turn into a twat of massive proportions). Isn’t it ridiculous that I can no longer bear festivals and live concerts? Don’t you think it’s a little odd that I rarely go abroad anymore and don’t even want to?

Where did that irrepressible Night Owl go and who is this woman who just wants to crawl into bed at 9pm every evening? Why, when My Girl stays over at my Mum and Dad’s do I not think, “Where can I go tonight?” but “Brilliant! Now I can have an early night AND get a lie-in!”

No-one told me that I’d become a trampoline and a slide in my own home or a witch and an aeroplane up the woods. They didn’t explain that I would be baking cakes at 9 in the morning (yes, still packet mix) or dancing along with the Milkshake girls before my first cup of tea of the day.

I didn’t think that I’d be living round the corner from my wonderful parents and that I would be lodged on the same beautiful hill that I spent my entire teenage life in.

No warning that those boys would be so refreshingly replaced by Sexy Older Man.

I couldn’t have known that I would look forward to watching XFactor or Britain’s Got Talent on a Saturday night (!!!) or that I would find it nearly impossible to finish reading a book. Any book!!

But this I will say – I have ALWAYS been a Corrie Head :-0


  1. So much of that, sounds familiar to my own life, lol

  2. You have hust summed up my entire existence ha! Well ok i don't live in Weston-super-mare but everything else is spot on. I'm a total Corrie head too (Can't stand Eastenders though) and i too think about lie-ins and early nights rather than nights out on the lash! Xfactor is the highlight of my week - now that is truly sad, but i love it!

  3. Sounds so familiar to me too.

    Ain't life a funny thing?


  4. Thanks for your comments and very happy to know that others experience similar :-O

    No, WoB, I agree, EastEnders is so melancholy


  5. Now then, my lovely Corrie-loving Cousin! What a wonderful and humbling blog about moving on, growing up and change. It sort of creeps up on you and bites you in the arse; but the bite mark doesn't hurt or leave an ugly scar; rather an unmistakeable acknowledgement that our priorities in life have changed, and a refreshing appreciation that the simple (and free) things in life are what really keeps us going. I don't know about you, but I've spent a fair bit of time recently thinking about my childhood; maybe it's because I'm just about to turn 40? But who cares? It's good to reminisce: The teenage years; exploration and discovery, with music as our backdrop; painting cars and facing the music, drinking cider and dancing to the music; partying til dusk to the music; and, of course, making music in all life's forms. If one thing was ever constant throughout the years (other than Corrie), it was the family bond, the love and the friendship and a burning desire to be successful and have fun along the way. Mission accomplished, for all of us. But in the words of Laurie Lee, 40 is about to "hit me in the face like a bully." I'm ready for it; I've trained hard, my guard is up and I am prepared for another 40 years in the ring. With my beautiful and fantastic family around me, I can't lose - the title is mine already. X

  6. Beautifully put, Ted. 40!! Forty!! 4-tee!
    The reminiscing part is especially welcome when you've had it as good as we have.
    Love you xx