Thursday, 6 August 2009

When one Door Closes ...

It's all so quiet now. An hour ago we were at loggerheads. She was screaming, crying and throwing herself on the floor because ...

She wanted to shut herself in her bedroom.

Our doors are very heavy fire doors that take tremendous strength to open. Little fingers can get caught and, oh, I don't have to explain it to you, do I? You know what I mean. And anyway, once you've said 'No,' there's no reneging, is there?

"I-want-to-close-my-bedroom-door," she sobs.

"No." I say.


"I said 'No!'"

"I close it!"

"Why do you want to close it, Celeste?"

"I-want-it-closed!" She hasn't got a hold of the 'why' question yet, which I should be grateful for because when she has, there'll be no let up. Although, once the relentless questioning years begin, at least I'll have Google.

I show her Barbie's arm, which I accidentally caught in the window when shutting it yesterday - she's got a rather nasty scar. Oops.

"That's what happens when you get your arm shut in the door. Do you want to have an arm like Barbie?"

"No," a shake of the head.

"OK, so leave the door open, please."

"But I want to close my bedroom door."

For fuck's sake!!


She lets out a great big piercing scream.

"Right, sit on the Chill-Out Chair and calm down." But the Chill-Out Chair is in the open-doored bedroom.

"I-want-to-close-my-bedroom-door." And the strop continues.

Just ignore her till she's screamed herself bored.

A few moments/minutes/hours later, she appears at the front room door.

"I want my Mummy."

Aw, come here.


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  2. Just thought I would let you know that I pop across to your blog now and then to see what pictures of Weston are here. I know I can look at pics of Weston anywhere (I have enough of my own), but it is nice to see them in a kind of 'real time' if you get my meaning.
    What I particularly like is that they are mostly 'old' Weston, Birnbeck, Anchor Head, Kewstoke. I grew up in Weston, and my dad, 89, still lives on Beaufort Road.
    Weston-super-Mum, thank god for twitter lol
    PS I could still give you a list of all the houses I lived in lol

  3. Thanks RealTimbone, I know what you mean about the 'real time' thing - this is us, our life in Weston. We've just spent the weekend on the beach and in Grove Park - I never took my camera but wished that I had because there was a 17th battle re-enactment on the beach (2000 strong) and at one point the Red Arrows flew over the horses and the costumed 'soldiers', juxtaposing old and new, then and now - surreal.
    Ah, I'll have to blog it in words.
    Ordinarily though I can't stop taking photos of the same scenes - particularly Steep Holm, Sand Point and Brent Knoll

  4. Thanks for your message. Funnily enough I was on the phone to dad last night, and he was telling me all about it as well. You never know, you may have passed him lol. He is amazing for his age, goes for long walks. As is his habit, on the way home from Uphill and the Beach Lawns yesterday, he popped into the Bristol, a pub on Locking Road for a pint on his way home!
    I told you I still remember all the houses I lived in in Weston. As you mentioned Grove Park, I will tell you that I once lived in Southside - that is just one of many lol
    Thanks again for the message.
    Tim x