Saturday, 5 September 2009


Before the North Somerset Rangers fine me for actually setting up camp and moving our tiny family into the woods, I thought I should prove that we do go to other places sometimes. I’ve got photographic evidence too!

Yesterday, after having, erm, walked through the woods and hidden from the witches, taking a completely new and somewhat steep path, which posed a challenge and promoted a couple of tantrums (her, not me), we had a burst in Grove Park, a 5 minute trot from our house, although by the route we took – an hour!!

My Girl wanted to reach for the clouds (plenty of ‘em) on the red swing, which she is beginning to outgrow but, while she still fits, she’ll continue to insist on “higher, faster.” Her feet can now reach the floor, leaving me somewhat redundant and that suits me fine: I just wish I could remember to bring a book.

“Let’s go to the bandstand!!” she yelled. Ok, let’s go to the bandstand – at the bottom of the park, down the steps, by the cafĂ© that sells PINK iced lollies (get where she’s coming from?), which she couldn’t have because …. well, just because I said so, OK?

I sat, she got silly-dizzy with all that running around in circles and then we headed back up to the swings via Jill’s Garden (erected and constructed by the Ground Force Team shortly after the murder of local girl Jill Dando). It’s really beautiful at the moment, all colour and butterflies. In fact, the whole park is gorgeous; hanging flower baskets everywhere.

On this, our second visit in half an hour, we had the swings all to ourselves. Lovely! But come on Lestie, let’s go home now for some strawberries and ice-cream.

Jill's Garden

Grove Park Bandstand

Teenage Attitude on a 3-Year Old


  1. Love the picture of your Girl. My almost 3 year old has a spectacular teenage attitude sometimes too. I dread when he actually is a teenager LOL!

    I've tagged you for The Great Read Award over st mine BTW.


  2. I have certainly seen that look before