Thursday, 17 September 2009

Give it a Rest, Lola

My Girl is really into this book at the moment:

It's the first book she grabs at bedtime. We have to read it twice - she to me and me to her. I welcome this - it's fun and endearing to see her put her own words to the pictures. What's more, it displays a keenness to learn and a sense that she is at one with her imagination.

But, I wonder, is Lauren Child a children's literary genius or is My Girl actully becoming Lola?

She's always been an independent little girl - even though she could barely hold the little plastic spoon, she insisted on feeding herself that rank baby-rice stuff that I introduced into her unexciting Mummy's Milk Diet way back when. She has always wanted to put her shoes on herself or mix the glue into the paint herself or jump from a great height herself. I've become used to hearing "I do it! I do it!"

But now she has a new mantra and before putting her skirt on inside-out, back to front, she takes a breath and nodding her head, informs me that:

"I can do Everything that's Everything all on my own." An ever so slight Lola mis-quote, which I'm not about to correct.

The night before last, we read the book (twice), read Peppa Pig and the Tooth Fairy (twice) and said our goodnights. She jumped out of bed, as eagerly as if you'd just offered her a bar of Cadbury's.

"I do the light!" But before she did so, she stood still and announced proudly with a pronounced bob of the head:

"Today, I get dressed ALL ON MY OWN, I push the red swing ALL ON MY OWN, I ride my bike ALL ON MY OWN, I brush my teeth ALL ON MY OWN, I read my book ALL ON MY OWN and I turn the light off ALL ON MY OWN. I can do Everything that's Everything ALL ON MY OWN."

But just how fine is that line between independence and willfulness?


  1. That is so sweet! I love Charlie and Lola - it's a shame they're daddy's books at our house as I'm not allowed to read in English.

  2. Why do you think I named my youngest Willem? Because of the streak I saw in the womb that has lived up to his name. He told me, recently, that he feels strongly that he could work and handle a job like any adult, and take care of himself completely if the need presented. I then told his 12 year old butt to get a shower and brush his teeth.

  3. I have a willful toddler aswell. I think it's great that they want to try and do stuff, but sometimes it takes 17 times longer LOL!

    We don't have any Lola books, all dinosaurs and Thomas here, which big E makes up the story to too. So sweet.


  4. It's lovely when they show signs of independence and I also find it quite sad because I don't want them to grow up too quickly. In my experience they have phases of being all grown up and then realise they still need their mummy a lot. My 3 year old decided he finally wanted a cuddle yesterday after refusing one for about a month! Charlie and Lola is on CBeebies as Im typing this. Award for you at mine!

  5. That's so cute. I have 2 boys and we all love Charlie and Lola. MY 4 yr old is currently going through an 'I absolutely can' phase (very Lola!). I guess we just have to step aside (a little) and let them explore their new found independence. It's not at all very terribly easy peasy though Charlie, is it?

  6. Is Lestie taking after her Mum? (I mean that in the nicest possible way)

  7. It seems that a love of Charlie and Lola and the need to assert independence is common amongst many of our offspring!

    Whistlejacket - thank you for the award! I couldn't bear a whole month!! Although I do think I may have smothered her with cuddles because they're not as forthcoming as they once were.

    Mwa - I probably should know this, but what is your first language?

    HXM and Olivia - PMSL :-)

    Woodpecker - I know (on both counts)

    IM - I know, everything takes so much bloody longer, doesn't it? Have to start getting dressed for pre-school an hour before it opens (2 min walk)

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  9. Thanks Ron

    Peppa Pig rules in our house x