Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Our Back Garden

The Great Read Award has been passed onto me by Insomniac Mummy, who tells us that she experiences sleep deprivation from bringing up two young children, though you'd never guess it from her writing, which exudes wit and vibrancy.  Insomniac Mummy has revealed to us "Ten Simple Things that Make Me Happy," and it is my role to take this and adapt it to my style.

I accept the baton and clasp it gratefully.  I had meant to write this post yesterday. My Girl began pre-school - hooray!!! - freeing me up for five mornings a week and so, during her first session, I was going to share with you ten smells that make me happy, which would have included the aroma of Sexy Older Man and the whiff of a blown-out candle.  However, despite having three whole hours without a little person trying to persuade me to dress up as a faery or turn the carpet into a giant jigsaw puzzle, the time just whizzed by and the post never got written.

During the afternoon, My Girl and I climbed up into the woods, which you can read all about in my Weston Mercury Blog. While we were there, I got to thinking about how much time we spend up on Worlebury Hill and why I would never want to move away from this area.  Therefore, my Great Read Award considers just this: ten things I love about the Woods at Worlebury Hill, Weston:

  1. The way my lower body gets exercised and how aerobically fit all that walking makes me feel.
  2. The varied shapes and colours of the trees.
  3. The smell of the ground after a spell of rain.
  4. Playing hide and seek with plenty to hide behind.
  5. Watching My Girl jump, sit and lie in muddy puddles.
  6. Eating faeries in our role of Big Witch and Little Witch.
  7. Taking photos of the views over Brean Down/Somerset on one side and Sand Point/Wales on the other.
  8. Noticing the moving shadows of the leaves and branches against the Wood floor.
  9. The seasons - all of them!
  10. Spending quality time with My Girl with no-one else around.

I now pass the Great Read Award on to the wonderful Tim Worth, full-time carer and father to two teenagers.


  1. AAWW thanks!!!, Tell me about it, even when the children are not around i have sooo much planned, but that is all they tend to be, things always crop up and ruin said plans lol

  2. Thank you so much LFL (I think so too - *grins*)

    Tim, I've just read your take on the GRA over on your blog site - recommended reading!!