Monday, 19 October 2009

Eternal Summer

In my second ever Weston Mercury blog post, back in March, I grumbled about the number of times that My Girl changes her clothes every day and, seven months on, if I have managed to better direct this obsession, I haven’t eliminated it.

Yesterday, for example, I coaxed her into a dress of all things and a very pretty one, with brand new woolly cream tights. Success.

“I don’t WANT to wear a jumper!!”

“OK then, that’s fine, no jumper. And no cinema.” Tough Love.

She put the jumper on. Fabulous: cute, clean and warm – miracle of miracles. The concession? Of course, there was a concession; in the form of way too small, paint-and hot chocolate-stained white shorts underneath the dress. Shorts are le mode du jour (or should that be de la saison?) in our house – shorts, naturally, because the temperature has taken quite a dip during the past few days and who wouldn’t want to have their flesh exposed in mid-autumn?

I bought her a gorgeous, colourful matching and warm hat n gloves set the other day and so, maybe, she’s demanding to wear what she considers the direct opposite of winter woollies just to wind me up/assert herself. I say coat, you say sunglasses. I say winter hat, you say bandana. I say “put your bloody socks on,” you say “I want my Fifi sandals.”

But she did get dressed in the warmish gear and made no mention of this hardship whilst watching Madagascar – Escape 2 Africa (how’s this? I sussed out that Ben Stiller and David Schwimmer voice two of the main characters in Madagascar! I’ve always been crap at determining voices – seen Zoolander and Friends too many times, obviously). No whinge about her outfit in the park either. But when we got home, the first thing she said, and I mean as soon as we walked in the door, was “I put something else on now.”

Had she really been thinking about that for 3 hours?? If so, may I call my 3 year old daughter a great big loser? Just this once?

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