Monday, 12 October 2009

Shop Local?

During the mornings, when My Girl is at pre-school, I’ve taken to popping into town to buy the provisions. It’s only a ten minute walk from here and once I’ve counted with her the acorns/conkers/pine cones we’ve collected on the way to Funny Bunnies, I’m half-way there.

A grocer’s has recently opened up next to the butcher’s, which is next to the baker’s, by the Silica-Carrot-Turnip-Phallus Structure in Weston Centre, turning that little area into a food shoppers’, if not Paradise, then convenient Shop Local outing.

This morning I whizzed into Tesco Express for the necessities (milk and a big bar of Mint Aero) en route to seeking out other items from the mini-parade of shops. I quizzed the butcher over the price of sausages because I thought he’d undercharged me and I congratulated myself on buying a decent amount of grapes for 50p in the adjacent shop. Shopping local has its advantages – offering mostly less expensive produce than I’ve become used to at the Supermarket. And the people are friendly. Well, they have to be, don’t they?

I head home with two large and strong carrier bags: don’t frown, I recycle them as rubbish bags. Damn, I’ve forgotten the butter but at least I have chocolate. Not to worry, there’s a corner shop on the way home (where, yes, you have to buy Anchor. And yes, it costs 51p more than the Asda Smart Price stuff), so I’ll just stand here behind this woman topping up her electric and gas and mobile phone and wait with an air of “Oh, it’s fine, I’m not in a rush”. Taking my own mobile out of my back pocket, I realise that this little excursion has swallowed up nearly an hour of my child-free time and I’m not even home yet! I could have stocked up on everything we need for a couple of weeks at said Asda or Tesco in a bloody hour.

I pace up the huge hill back to nuestra casa, even breathed, wondering whether I should be economising more wisely on time? But, look, we’ve lots of (mostly) healthy grub and my arse is definitely getting firmer. Plus, it’s a great divisionary tactic for actually getting things done!

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  1. I think you're doing the right thing - supporting local business, getting out exercising with other people around, and saving money. A very good thing.