Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Answer, My Friend ...

We're back in our favourite place, Worlebury Hill, My Girl with her Barbie - so outed - and me with my camera.   Sheltered up here, the relentless wind hardly touches us but we stop to listen to the trees waving frantically, shedding the last of their yellow leaves, lamenting as they fight to resist the gusts we've all become so used to lately.

"Listen, Lestie, what's that noise?" 

Creak, creak, moan, moan.  She opens her mouth in surprise and gasps.

"What is it Mummy?"

"It's the trees in the wind."

"No. That's not the trees!"

"Yes, it is. Listen, they're blowing in the wind.  Creaking."

"No, Mummy, it's not the trees," she looks at me as though I'm a nut and skips off in her own world.  "Can we have a party for Barbie when we get home?"  This is my fault for singing Aqua's Barbie Girl (Come on, Barbie, let's go party). I just can't help it but, in my mind's eye, instead of seeing the doll in My Girl's hand I picture the fabulous Katie Price, who is so professional and bloody minded that it's almost a relief to call her just that -  fabulous - in a #thereisaidit kind of way.

When we get home, we lay a PINK picnic blanket on the living room floor, scatter cushions and settle down to eat sandwiches, vegetable sticks, fruit and cake.  The three of us, Celeste, me and the fabulous Katie Price Barbie.


The Hello Game @ The Encampment

Your Majesty

The Bristol Channel as the sun begins to set

Sand Point as seen from The Encampment

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  1. That looks like such a lovely place. Strangely I now have Barbie Girl running through my head. :)

    Thank you so much for visiting No. 15. So glad you like the Through my Window series.