Friday, 27 November 2009

Fade to Grey

I took My Girl to pre-school this morning and my first thought, as I tried to convey to her the importance of putting up her fleecey waterproof hood, was "bloody weather."  I wasn't in a particularly good mood because head lice is going around at the moment and I find it difficult enough to brush that wild hair just once a day.  To an onlooker, the daily scene of me running around the flat after her with a detangling strawberry smelling spray in one hand and a brush in the other, while she screams "No, Mummy. DON'T," might be comical.  In reality, one of us is crying with stubborness and perceived pain and the other is close to tears with stubborness and exasperation.  How the bleedin'eck am I supposed to check for lice?  And if she's got them/when she gets them, how do I get one of those stupid little combs through her hair (the NHS recommends: "with a fine tooth nit comb methodically over the whole head for at least 30 minutes").  Hahahahahaha - I can just about sit still for 30 minutes, and even then I get a break for adverts, but a 3 year old with a mortal fear of hair brushing!?  This morning, as ever, I pinned her down and gave her really beautiful, really difficult locks a once over and then tried to get her to let me fasten a pony tail so 'the little creatures don't live in your hair.'  She'd go for a small one at the front a la Pebbles Flintstone but would have none of the tie-back idea and, anyway, you can just tell she thinks that little creatures living in her hair would be pretty cool.

My grumpiness soon dissipated once I'd deposited her with wet and free-flying hair at pre-school.  My load considerably lighter for the next 3 hours, I walked home, studying the openness above me as I went and I noticed that, actually, once you get used to it, these grey winter skies are really quite beautiful.  I tuned into the Grey Spectrum and I marvelled at the bluey-grey, juxtaposed with a sort of white-grey, a touch of slate-grey, a smattering of charcoal.   And just look at the layers of cloud and the shapes they create. 

Am I deluded?  Can grey be beautiful?  Am I attempting to dress up this seemingly everlasting weather of cloud, cold, wind and rain?  Is it just a way of getting through the day/winter?  Or am I so used to detecting all those shades of brown in Weston's landscape, particularly when gazing at the seafront on a stormy day, that I can now appreciate subtleties in colour, whatever the colour?

In explanation, I grabbed my camera and darted outside to take a few snaps of grey for you.  I hope you appreciate them because I got soaked!!


  1. I like looking at a black sky too, it's a wierd feeling when the colour just changes. Admiration to you for getting wet.

  2. Thank you! I just wrote a post saying exactly that - it just depends how you look at it. And there you are, doing just that.

  3. Thankyou indeed for getting yourself wet on our behalf. You may have changed many peoples perceptions of those grey skies for ever more.

    No more will we cover up and hide from those storms, instead we will look up to the sky and marvel at the many shades of grey that were there all along yet remained unseen.

    Then we will stagger inside soaked to the skin and blame that Bloody Dr Condron