Saturday, 7 November 2009

Perfect Picture Meme

Tag. I'm it!

The lovely Insomniac Mummy has tagged me. My challenge?  Ask My Girl to draw a picture of her extraordinarily pretty and intelligent Mummy and post it right here to show you rabble.

My Girl spends half her young life painting and drawing and so it was an easy ask, although I must say she does seem to be in the midst of her Minimalist Phase.

Last week I bought her her very first set of marker pens.  "What?  Marker pens, cream carpets, a cream sofa and a three year old?  All mixed together?"  I hear you scream. "You're a loony." 

It's rare I get to live dangerously these days so I threw caution to the wind and paid £1.99 for 8 Crayola Washable Markers from Wilko's and told her to "use them only at the TABLE and NOT on the floor!  And put the lids on when you've finished, please." The face on it; so happy with her new found grown-upness.  The floor is still cream, save the red wine stains, ingrained Weston-super-Mud/Sand, candle wax and baked bean juice but her butterfly top had red and brown marker pen blotches all over it.  Guess what?  It washed out. After one wash.  Marvellous.

Here's what she came up with:

To begin with, she couldn't conceive of drawing me without her
so I'm the purple one

We got separated, sort of. She drew herself on another sheet and put us side by side.
This is me, complete with sun, sky and floor.
I like that my legs go up to my neck.


  1. Excellent stuff. I'm loving that you can fly also ...
    Just to let you know that I am collecting all these meme pictures together (for it was me who started it all off) and plan to put them altogether in a sort of Picture Perfect slide show on my blog so everyone can see everyone else's entries (there have been around 18 to date).
    Hope that is OK. x

  2. Lestie has captured your smile perfectly. I was not aware however until seeing the lower picture, that you do in fact have a wooden leg.

  3. Thanks Guys,

    I look forward to the Picture Perfect slide show, me and my wooden leg ;-)