Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Scooter Girl

About 18 months ago, I went scavenging around the neighbourhood and came back with a scooter.

It's not strictly true: I was walking down my road and a few doors up someone had thrown out a perfectly good green and orange kids' scooter.  I knew of a very good home for it.

"Ah, it's got a little crack in the base but it's house-worthy. Yeah, I'll grab that and customise it."  So I put a fairy sticker on it, not very imaginative but these were from a collection My Girl and I had picked up in Glastonbury when out on a Fairy Hunt. On that trip, we also found a pretty little rag doll for 25p that she named 'Fairy' and who she still takes to bed with her.  It took me months to notice that someone had dreaded the back of her yellow hair - very Glasto, don't you think?

So this scooter was very much appreciated and I have been dizzy on countless evenings, watching her spin around the room on it like a Whirling Dervish.  Once mastered, it started coming out with us, up and down our local more-than-just-a-gentle-slope hills.  Well, mostly ridden full pelt down the hills by her and carried up again by me, of course.  And how fast she travels; lighting speed with all the agility and skill of a 14 year old on a BMX bike.  She loves it. 

Today we took it to the park, where the wheels collected mud and leaves and inspired a few tears and dirty knees (at one point she went to beat it up after having skidded on the wet ground. Temper, temper, Sweet Thing).  The little crack, however, is growing and, although I hate to spend over-the-top on new items, I think I would be willing to stretch. She gets so much mileage out of this one but I don't believe it will last much longer and what with Christmas coming up?

This is where you come in. Any suggestions for a decent on-the-market scooter for a 3 year old?  Preferably one that will last at least another couple of years?

Thanks x

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