Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Unfoldlings

I'm having a really good week.  All this rain has meant more time indoors and while My Girl is painting, drawing, gluing, watching CBeebies, I'm plotting, planning and doing.

I've got a brand new project, which some of you will already be aware of. I've started a blog called The Unfoldlings, which is contributing to the research stage of my latest novel and here's the description:

The format of my new novel remains undisclosed but the workings of my mind are henceforth laid bare. You, The Readers, are the Unfoldlings. Each week, I will pose new questions and I'd like you to supply answers, some of which will be incorporated into my own work. I will credit all authors but if you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate this clearly at the foot of your posting. I'm peeing myself with excitement. Are you?

And here is the all-important link:

The Unfoldlings

I really hope you can join in, I'm already having massive fun with it

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  1. Sounds very exciting, good luck with your new project i'm off to take a look ;)