Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Only Dreaming of a White Christmas?

The first thing I did after putting the kettle on this morning was to peep through the blinds to see whether even a few flakes of the snow causing near havoc in many other parts of the country had managed to find their way over towards to Bristol Channel.  Nope - nada, rien, a big fat zilch.

With no reluctance whatsoever, I climbed back into bed with a steaming mug of tea and biscuits for me and a beaker of milk and a biscuit for her: I get the M&S Pistachio and Almond Cookies and she gets the Tesco Malted Milks. Is that a bit too Mr Wormwood from Matilda?  No, actually, it's fair enough - Marks' Cookies are too good for children.

An hour, 2 episodes of Peppa Pig and a fight to wash her hair in the shower later, I switched on the Christmas tree lights and then had another peek - LOOK, it's snowing! Finally!  Horray!!  We pulled the blinds wide open and My Girl stood on the window sill to *Gasp* and *Wow* at the sight of snow on the hills of Somerset, snow on the roofs of all the houses, snow on the roads and snow on the terrace.

"I want to go out in the snow, Mummy!"

So, of course we did, up to the Woods of Worlebury Hill:

Sometimes I think we must have the best back garden in the whole world ;0)


  1. That looks like so much fun. We've not had any snow here :(

  2. I think you probably do.
    I would like to wish you and Lestie a very Happy Christmas. Hope Santa climbs down your chimney and you both have a lovely time, you deserve it.

  3. Here's hoping you get a light covering of snow for Christmas Day Ang - in fact, us too; it didn't last long.

    Thank you Woodpecker - for the first time in years I am truly excited about Christmas, My Girl is at that perfect age. Have a wonderful time.

    Merry Christmas to everyone xx