Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Work and Play

Do you ever lay in bed at night and have all these ideas to share and you want to get up again but you know that to do so would be detrimental to tomorrow and your mood of it?

I do.

Last night I was mulling over all this stuff I wanted to tell you, which seemed witty and lol-able to me then, when I was snug and wrapped up in my sun-yellow duvet.  Now, in the cold light of this December day, I'm struggling to remember any of it.  My Mum would say, 'It couldn't have been very important then.'

Mostly, in that time between awake and asleep, the events of the previous 16 hours whizz around in my head and so, yesterday, that would have been Peppa Pig and Footprints.  Oh yeah, and assuaging my guilt with the help of Mummy Pig, curiously.  And knitting. Let's take them in that order then:

Peppa Pig is My Girl's program-du-jour and I'm lucky because it's one of the better ones, in my opinion: sweet with the odd bit of snorting and colourful without being Tweenie-sickly.  The trouble is that the episodes are so short. No, the trouble is that the episodes are so short AND I've recorded them on BT Vision, which means I have to actively scan through the Recordings on my box. God, that sounds so lazy!  But when you have a 3 year old directing you, 'Mummy, I want Grandad Dog's Garage,' 'No, Mummy, that's not Rebecca Rabbit's House,' you may as well not bother trying to get anything else done.

And what I'm trying to get done (with success) is ...Ta-da .... a new website called Only Footprints, dedicated to all those open spaces we can enjoy in this beautiful country, whether they be parks, beaches, moors, woodlands, walks, public gardens .... the list is endless.  The site is now live and the twitter account is gaining followers, so it must go from strength to strength.  Only Footprints is looking for contributors, people to write reviews of their favourite outdoor spots, send in photos, write poems, whatever is your thing really.  Please take a look and email us with your thoughts and ideas.  Plug Done.  But I'll be back, don't you worry.

So, I'm feeling the Guilt because, while I'm pfaffing about on the computer, Celeste is behind me, playing by herself: building brick towers, throwing parties for Noddy and Fairy, making art, watching Peppa.  She interacts with other kids at least 3 hours per day, 5 days per week though, then we go to the park, woods, beach, town or quarry most days and we eat and play together - yesterday I role-played a bridge, which is better than role-playing a road, I suppose, or a plank.  And although she has every thing she needs and more, I DO sometimes feel I should be giving her more of my time.  Is this just me?  Do you suffer from this?  Am I being hard on myself? Am I being hard on her?

Here's where Mummy Pig comes in.  One of My Girl's favourite episodes of Peppa Pig is called Work and Play, in which Mummy Pig works from home on the computer while George sits on her lap, mini-grunting, and Peppa goes to playgroup with all her friends.  Mummy is not playing, she's working: educational, thanks Mummy Pig.

And Knitting!  Aha.  A small group of us have just set up a Tea, Toast and Knitting Group and yesterday was our first get together.  A small collective of six ladies turned up with our balls and needles at Loves Cafe in Weston, two of us having never knitted before, me being one of them. After sitting, post-tea and -chat, in the swing area of Grove Park with my Number 6's and a charity shop mass of cream wool, clickety-clacking away, I can safely say that I think I may already be hooked.  I even managed to knit 3 rows in bed last night, trying to get my mind off Peppa Pig, Footprints and guilt ....

And we come full circle.


  1. You don't have a pad of paper next to your bed? I can't live without.

  2. You know, usually I do. It's a practice I've started recently, light on, scribble, light off.

  3. Well, my friend, I'm right there with you. In fact, my little guy, Kestan, was sitting on my lap a while ago so that I could read your post. He then needed mommy time and well I'm now getting back to the computer two hours later.

    I'm an avid knitter and never had much interest but once I learned my addiction really kicked in. I call it the "one more row" syndrome...get ready for it 'cause once you're hooked you'll catch herself saying in your head, "one more row", "one more row"...until eventually your sweet little girl will have to pry your fingers off the needles!

    I'm super excited about your new "Footprints" website. What a beautiful idea. I hope I can contribute after the holidays and craziness I'm finding myself in this month!

    Keep in touch.