Sunday, 21 February 2010

Tea in a Caff

Clarence Park Cafe has got a Facebook Fan Page!

Of course, when you go to Clarence Park, you can 't actually head straight for the cafe, not if you've got kids with you.  You have to get your appetite up first by playing in the swing area, creeping up on squirrels, climbing trees, trying to uproot trees, chasing pigeons and making mud pies.  Then after a quick hand wash under the ice cold water of the public convenience tap, you're really ready to eat!

Clarence Park Cafe is a greasy spoon, no question.  Bacon, sausage, egg, beans, toast and a mug of tea for £2: at that price, who cares what it's been deep fried in?  Tastes good too.  And there's something very English about sitting in a park on a cold but sunny February afternoon, eating a Full English with a dollop of brown on the side.  Something so comforting that, after you've wiped your plate clean with the toast, the only thing to do is head back up to the counter and order another mug of steaming tea, bag still in.

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