Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Knitting Pretty - Secret Post Club #1

I heard a little rat-a-tat-tat on my front door but ignored it, thinking it was one of the delightful kids from upstairs, asking if she could come and play with The Celestial One after school. I wasn't being rude, I was exasperated at My Girl's insistence at me hanging threads of red wool from the ears of her new favourite teddy, Sukie Jack Connor: a teddy so important as to merit the bestowing of 3 names.  SJC has to wear pony tails at all times (just like his "mummy"), the adornments fastened so tightly around his ears that the poor's thing's circulation is in danger of being cut off and then from what will she I hang his imaginary hair?  Plus he has a PINK ribbon/hairband around his head, in a early-1980s Olivia Newton John doing "(Let's Get) Physical" style (just like his "mummy"!)

"There, he looks lovely now." Patience wearing thin.


"She looks lovely now!"

It's an on-going game. I say, "he," she says, "SHE!"

"Look, Mummy.  Sukie Jack Connor is waiting for breakfast." Oops.

"Does he like porridge?"


About 13 times an hour, this gendered mistake.  All teddy bears are male to me, just like all cats are female and all dogs are something never to be let inside the house, regardless of chromosomes! Teddy Bears are Edwards - blokes!!  My own little brown childhood bear, the one without any stuffing left, is still around, demoted to the toy box: he's called Knuckles, still one of my proudest name-giving achievements.

I heard the faint knock again.  I didn't answer.  I had a shower.

Through the steam of the faux-glass doors, I see the figure of my child, brown thing in hand.  I hear her crying.

Sigh. "What is it, Celeste?"

"Sukie Jack Connor's pony tail breaked!"

"For God's sake, Celeste, I'm in the shower. I'll find him a new one when I get out!"


Right!  I grab a towel, storm to the kitchen, find some more red wool and tie it extra tight round his ears that would be purple if he had any sense of feeling.  Sorry, HER ears, SHE.

"There, SHE's got new pony tails now."

Knock, knock. Louder. And, "Becky, there's a parcel for you out here."  My neighbour, V.


I squat and bend my still wet arm around the door, pull the packet into the warmth of our flat and read the message on the envelope, from which I determine that it's been posted to me by Ellie at Insomniac Mummy

"I want to open it.  I want to open it!"

No. It's mine. I never get to open anything that isn't electronically sent these days.  I'm taller than her so I stand up, full of excitement.

Ellie, I think, has done her homework on me because inside MY parcel is a book of knitting patterns for children.  Beautiful children with beautiful clothes.  And two balls of the softest baby bamboo red wool. Thanks Ellie, I absolutely love it and I make you two promises:

1. I will learn to knit something more sophisicated than woollen squares that are used currently as blankets for Sukie Jack Connor.

2. I will not hang any of that gorgeous wool from said teddy bear's ears.

You have my word :)


  1. oh wow! how fabulous! and no hanging it off bears ears!

  2. Oh what a lovely surprise! That must have made your day and does make me think I should really join the secret post club. The thing is I can bearly knit and never sew - it's iron on labels for my kids' clothes! Thanks for sharing. Kate (@wholeself)

  3. Thanks :)

    Kate, I urge you to join Secret Post Club, it adds sparkle to your day xx

  4. What a wonderful package! I've had so much fun seeing what everyone has received and I'm getting lots of ideas for April's swap :)
    Have a wonderful Easter!